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  • Who needs .est domain?

    Posted on January 27th, 2018 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    .est © Leo Siemann 2010

    It does not happen every day when you get a million dollar idea but here is one indeed :) - That’s where .est initiative is coming from. Actually, my first choice would of been – inventor.est – but it wasn’t available, so I registered in 2009 and I came up with the idea of the top level domain .est for Estonia in summer 2010. The proof of this proposal is at Eesti Päevaleht / 27.07.2010 / and that is the very first time where .est idea was mentioned in public. Most recently I made my second proposal of .est tld at Äripäev on 9th Jan. 2018 to raise public attention once again. 
    Estonian life is getting better but there are still many things which are not quite there yet. One of them is the respect of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). It is very much so that this attitude has been carried on by a few generations now from the Soviet times. Our schools have not picked up IPR as a subject much either which I advised them to do in Feb. 2010 at Postimees . As the result of this about 30% Estonian companies only are exploiting their IP Rights today which is way lower than in developed countries.

    The actual reason why I am writing this story is the fact that Estonian Internet Foundation has now adopted my proposal to exploit .est as a top level domain for Estonia. As it is financially a sound idea and in my opinion worth at least cool $10M, I would like to make a note of this in public. This perhaps could make Estonian Government officials more aware of how they should handle IP rights with private sector inventors & authors. I believe that a proper recognition of those people could change their lives for much better and also encourage the other inventors and creators to be inventive for their country. 

    I came up with .est top level domain idea in 2010 which is 2 years before the Google made its claim to ICANN to acquire .est  and 5 years earlier than dutch designer Peter Kentie came up with his brilliant EST concept to Brand Estonia  So yes, I can claim that I was the first one who said it out in public and so I am the author or at least the initiator of .est top level domain idea. Of course it could be arguable by some gov people as ICANN has its protected ISO list, but let me ask what has taken to Estonia for so long then? I mean 27 years to proceed on this brilliant idea since we declared our independence in 1991? Clearly there has been no interest or understanding of a commercial top level domain .est at the state level.

    EST consept by Peter Kentie since 2015

    Here ere are some samples how to use .est domain: smart.est , cool.est , fast.est, bio.est and 1918.est  There are also many more meanings of EST by Wikipedia which makes it even more appealing for many people around the globe.

    As I mentioned earlier Estonia has its priority to EST already by the ICANN rule since 1986 and by ISO 3166-1 standard since 1974, unyet .est domain idea has never been exploited or even spoken out at public till I did it in 2010. Still, I have no chance to get on with my idea unless Estonian state gives up its priority to my Estonian company. Therefore I wrote a letter to the Entrepreneurship and IT minister  Urve Palo and recommended that our state should proceed with .est domain soon. I also asked their cover letter for my claim to ICANN if Estonian State has no interest of .est domain. Doing so, I literally handed over my $10M idea to the state for nothing. But as the initiator of this I believe I still deserve some credit, say at least 10% of shares / net profit and a proper recognition of my works as authors do, explaining it early and twice why .est is good domain for Estonia. Surely, It is not just about making money but also about raising Estonia’s profile on internet. 
    * As we know it is still early days as Estonia has not asked for it and ICANN has not released .est either. So, whats next? Shall I take the state to the court for being lazy? Perhaps not, but I would like to report about this case at public domain and let everyone know whats going on in my point of view. 
    Finally, if Estonian State does not proceed with .est top level domain, I will coz I believe it is important for my country and people. 

    Leo Siemann
    Estonian Inventor
    * The full story in estonian can be found at my homepage  Eesti Leiutaja
  • Amuzing as always – The British Invention Show 2017

    Posted on November 10th, 2017 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    The BIS 2017 was held at Barbican Exhibition Hall in London, same place as last year. The first difference I’ve noticed was Banksy art at the wall right opposite the front door :) The next one was that international number of inventors had risen compared to previous year and number of British inventors was a little less , say 1/4 th only. Exhibition was groovy as always. I saw very simple inventions and complicated ones. The youngest inventor at the show was 12 years old Sarah from London with her LollySpin, the flashiest was Paul A. Sparrow with his  X-Pro Tools , the sharpest was Martin Chard with his Marxman pen , the furthest South-Korean Electrical Corporation Inventors with their Cable Failure Detection and Line Finder and  the coolest for me personally were National Defence University of Malaysia professors with their inventions Bamboocrete and  How to make the Hydrogen out of Algi.  Yes, there was lots to see and discover and surely we will go back to the show next year. To prove that here is well educational interview with the english inventor Paul A Sparrow who invented this new kind of spirit level and also started a very first crowdfunding platform in Britain :

    The Awards & afterparty  were held at Charted Accountants House which is a impressive building in the City of London and also has a great cuisine. The band which played  for us  was led by Roderick Brosse who is also an inventor but  known to the public as quitarrist from the Beatles album “Imagine”. Awards ceremony was held by Kane Kramer, the founder the British Invention Show and inventor of the first Digital Audio Player. Here is a great chat we had with Kane later on

    The slideshow can be seen here which was taken by my mate Inch. Enjoy :)

    * The story was first published at my  INVENTION NEWS  channel a couple of weeks ago.

  • Mustjõe symposium was a smoking hot one

    Posted on June 13th, 2017 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Inventor Anni is introducing her new prototype

    It was the second time already when Estonian inventors called together the Summer Symposium. Guest included inventors and their friends from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia. The event was held at Mustjõe Farmhouse which originates from 16th century and is really old cottage type of settlement including traditional Smoke sauna. The symposium started with a lunch at courtyard, followed by 5 hours presentation of inventions.  Then it was a grand dinner by long table at the farmhouse. Our networking continued at a proper smoke sauna.

    Inventions presented where various including energy solutions, magnetic motors, puls fire fighting systems, concrete dryer , magnetic furniture and much more. It is expected that symposium will take place next Summer again as this one was a smoking hot one :) * Photogallery is at FB

  • Britain attracts inventors for so many reasons

    Posted on November 17th, 2016 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Surprise inventor Mr Lin from China with his waterproof socket called SocketKing @BIS

    Why so? I recon because of Britain stands out for its differences, engineering skills and industrial input to the world economy but not just. I do believe there is also something genuine in britts which makes inventing even more possible and that is No fear to be different or a nutter’ as we say ;) So, if you are british and you think that car can run on 3 wheels only – you can just do it and that is acceptable by the society. Not to mention their inch, foot and pint. By other words in Britain You can be different just like Mr. Bean and that is absolutely norm.

    The British Invention Show 2016  was held at Barbican Exhibition Centre, London from 19-22nd October. This years show was smaller but still gathered over 50 inventors from 8 countries around the World. The Silver, Gold and Platinum awards where given in many categories to thank inventors for their hard work. The main trophy went to Croatian team for their age recognition system for internet users. You can read more about the show at the British Inventor’s Society homepage or visit . Also you can watch interviews at the BIS Vimeo Channel and see photos at Invention News Facebook gallery. The British Invention Show was founded by Mr. Kane Kramer, inventor of the Digital Audio Player, back in 2000 and is run  by the British Inventor’s Society every Autumn.

    * As I have been inspired by Britts once again, I will start Estonian Invention Show soon. Dates to be confirmed but talks with partners have already started. If you would like to support or join in then please let me know via eMail : , Cheers !

  • Hando Kruuv’s vision : “How our planet Earth was born”

    Posted on October 18th, 2016 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Estonian Inventor Hando Kruuv, known as Da Vinci of Tartu has told me the following story which I will publish on his kind permission.

    “More than half a century ago, the implementation of spectroscopy for the investigation of the components of celestial objects was discussed at a seminar at the Institute of Physics and Astronomy in Tartu. The approaches included materials on spectral analysis results, which indicated that the components of the Sun and the Earth are quite similar and this led to the conclusion that these celestial objects could be relatives. How closely and how such relations could evolve remained a secret and, in my opinion, no solutions has been found that could be considered the truth, or I just have not heard about it. That is why I came up with my own version of my own beliefs, proofs and calculations which I will now present to you …

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  • There is no need to fight for oil

    Posted on September 21st, 2016 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    From where should I start to tell you how wrong so many things are in the World today? Pollution, wars, refugees, human made diseases, lack of energy, hunger – you name it !! Is it too many of us just not enough wisdom to run this lot sustainably ?? More I see it more it becomes clear that the overall IQ levels on planet Earth are too low to keep us from self-destruction.

    Yet another World War might start in a minute because of fight over oil fields and superiority in between two or three big nations on the planet. Not long ago we had Nikola Tesla and now we got  Mehran Keshe  who is talking about how to catch free energy  around us. But that has been left aside as it takes the power away from those who like to rule the World. So here we are playing power games again instead of working for peace and prosperity on the planet together. There is no point to fight for race or religion as there is only one race on the planet and that is called the human race. IQ has nothing to do with the colour of your skin. Now, religion is another thing which has been made up to devide us in conflicts, but clearly there is no reason for that either. In fact the World is small and life is short. We should be busy studing ourselves, instead of critisizing the others. What I mean by that is even now as we learned how to make robots who look like us  we still have not much knowledge about what our brain does and we don’t really know what happens when we sleep. Just to remind you that we sleep 1/3 of our life, means 20 years of our entire lifetime in average and still we know so little about it … I am actually writing this letter to you just after I woke up at my home in Torquay, somewhere on South-Coast of England and it still takes me some time to wake up properly so you know what I am talking about.

    Susan’s plasma reactor  )))  Keshe Blueprint

    Conclusion: The human race has reached to  another low in 2016 because of it’s IQ levels are failing in total. Is the reason in rundown genes or somewhere else, I don’t know but it seems that we most certainly need help from outside civilizations who could avoid us from catastrophy and restore the balance we need to sustain the life on planet Earth as it seems that things have gone too far already … Peace be with you my friend,  there is still more than enough energy around for all of us. We just have to learn how to catch it better. *

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    Comments on Keshe by anonymous Plasma tech practitioner :

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  • Myoton is a helpful device for muscle diagnostics

    Posted on August 30th, 2016 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    MyotonPRO Digital Palpation from Aleko Peipsi on Vimeo.

    MyotonPRO Digital Palpation Device is a unique, reliable and accurate instrument for objective and non-invasive measurements of superficial skeletal muscles. Moreover it enables to measure not only muscles but also tendons, ligaments, even skin and other soft biological tissues. Therefore Myoton may become a Gold Standard in soft tissue assessment as an everyday diagnostic and monitoring tool in medical practice. The application of Myoton technology provides invaluable information on the condition of muscles in several fields of medicine and sports. Therefore the Myoton opens a whole new field for better understanding  how the Tone, Stiffness or Elasticity are related to muscle health and physical condition. This new set of information allows objectively to assess the  efficacy of different interventions, sports exercise, symmetry, injuries or aging. Potentially it could help to detect muscle disease at an early stage, so that a more effective medical treatment can be provided.

    * The very first Myoton was invented by Dr. Arved Vain at University of Tartu in 1976. The latest version of MyotonPRO is a complex work by Myoton AS team, lead by CEO Aleko Peipsi.




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  • MixMug makes stirring easier

    Posted on July 5th, 2016 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Forget all the mess with spoon and just go for MixMug - innovative and unique beverage mug designed with a built-in mixing device. Made in Estonia :)

    * Patent pending & production license is up for sale  Enquiries via :

  • New Immigration Standard

    Posted on June 26th, 2016 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Immigration – the keyword of Brexit

    Most certainly immigration is the keyword for Europe today. In order to tackle this mess which is caused by economical, religious and military reasons I recon we have to set the New Immigration Standard.

    Obviously it is complicated yet simple solution for many countries to protect their people and national values. Perhaps it could be applied not just for Europe but also worldwide .

    I am estonian / european who has been living in the UK since 1997. I did voluntary work my first 2 years, then studied at local college and worked here most of my time. Never claimed benefits and always paid my taxes.  I do understand the reasons why so many people voted to Leave the EU here. Now, after Brexit I feel for locals even more as it has divided brits with just 1,9% vote difference  in between them.

    The New immigration  Standard should be set in order to protect any country and its habitants from non-assimilating migrants. Therefore I recommend to make it compulsory to fulfill the form on country’s border by anyone who wants to enter as a asylum seeker or likes to become a resident in any other way. Boxes to be ticked are next:

    1. I promise to learn and speak local language as soon I can.

    2. I will accept local culture, religion and ways of living.

    3. I dress up in the similar way as locals do

    4. I will find myself a job or start a business.

    5. I do not proceed on any kind of racism or haterage in society.

    6. I will respect this country’s law and my neighbours.

    7. If I do not obey by these rules I will move back to my country of orign.

    * These are  7 simple rules which we could apply to avoid a lot more problems in the future. So, religious or other kind of  invaders must respect the country’s habitants, their law & culture, learn their language and work as normal.

    © Leo Siemann 2016  * First published here on Sunday, 26th June at 9am GMT

  • Top 100 Estonian Brands homepage has been launched

    Posted on May 13th, 2016 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    European Champs , EGCC  ©

    Looking at our dropping export figures I have decided to do something about it which could help us to become more visible out there. So other folks know also who are we and what we estonians can do the best.  Now, the question is: How to measure the coolest and most valuable brands what we have? I recon there are 3 major criterias only: 1.Popularity of the brand  2.Total net profit & 3.Innovativity, which gives a potential rise. Surely, it is about money but not always, because there are also charity brands which are not about money but goodwill & deeds for other people. Brands can be different. Some make company brands, some make personal brands like artists and sportsman and some make state brands like the British Royal family, which is valued more than £86BN today. All in all the branding is important marketing tool for any company. It is all about the imago and its likability for as wide audience as possible. Lets take this well known fruit’ company as a sample, I mean the Apple  : ) How on earth they made it?  Actually it takes so much effort from the sparkling idea to product design to marketing, but all it starts usually from one person. In this case we all know it was Steve Jobs. Yes, he was eccentric but also a novel character who was willing to work hard to fulfill his vision for the better PC which I got it on my desk now.. R.I.P. Steve! Therefore I have started recently our very own Top 100 Estonian Brands to show to the World what we are good at and why is it cool to visit Estonia and to make business with us :)  Yeah, this some 1,3M nation by the Baltic Sea is mainly known by its pretty girls, but it also has managed to create many wonderful brands from which some have become World famous like  Paiste , Estonia Piano, Minox, TransferWise  and  Skype.

    To find out more go :  Estonia100 .com

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