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  • My Story

    Posted on February 23rd, 2014 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Yeah, it will be 5 years soon from the day I launched my homepage while I was living with my lovely wife & daughter Charlotte in the UK. It all happened in a rocky seaside town called Torquay which is the heart of the English Riviera , well known by its history and nightlife. Honestly this place is full of legends from the past like Charles Darwin, I.K.Brunel, Agatha Christie, Isaac Singer and many others. I must admit it is the most inspirational place on the planet Earth I ever lived in my entire life.

    As many of yours, so did my parents divorce which I found hard to overcome. But life went on & so did I. After passing Oisu Primary School with flying colours I graduated Kuusalu High School in 1992 and then Tallinn Medical College in 1996 as Military Assistant Doctor. I practised in various hospitals & military field for few years before I left for the UK where I lived 12 wonderful years in total. Now, England really got me as I experienced & learned a lot in those years. I learned how to play tennis & golf, I studied sports medicine, I worked, I got married & we made a business. Also I was a keen member of local poetry club & writers club at St.Marychurch Torquay. After graduating as a Sports-Massage Therapist at South Devon College in 2001, I had a luck to work with some of the finest sportsman in the World. My massage clients included 4 World champions & 2 Olympic gold medalists. But that wasn’t my final call yet as you might of thought …

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  • History has been Made

    Posted on December 21st, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Professor & inventor Mart Min told us about his works

    The first ever Estonian Inventors Conference was held at Mektory, Tallinn University of Technology campus on Friday the 13th December 2013. Now this is a  serious stuff as within 20 years of freedom no such conference has been made! Let me ask Why? I guess reasons are obvious: Post-communist back does not encourage people to invent or to be creative individually but tells them to get a good job and obey the system instead. So this is not yet as trendy to be inventor or entrepreneur over here. The other reason is fact that the Estonian Inventors Association  which is connecting independent inventors, has been performing low core and there are no funds in place to support such kind activity. It is almost expected that if you are serious inventor you must invent the money making machine first and then all other things on the top of that ! Apparently this is not the practice of the most innovative countries in the World today. All of them have made some serious investments to their public sector first, like Japan, Switzerland or Sweden who has the oldest inventors association in the World today …

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  • Inventor’s Guestbook is opened for your entry & reading !

    Posted on December 1st, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    My very first guest to sign in was Dr.Arved Vain, the inventor of Myometer from the University of Tartu.

    This is my Guestbook where any inventor who is known to the public can sign in. It does not really matter where are you from or what is the colour of your skin. As long you have invented something, which has improved our life on planet Earth, You are Welcome to sign IN !  And that means, you can contact to me over Facebook or email and tell me what is your invention about. If it is smart enough, I will edit and publish your story at  “Inventor’s Guestbook” . There are no royalties at this point of time, but you will be granted with the access to my content. Plus, Your benefit is to became the guest of this exclusive book series, which I have just made available via . Simple as that. I will be waiting for your entries then! And for all our readers: The story of  Dr. Arved Vain & his Myometer was signed in today! You can by the access to my e-Book for 2.99eur only via Paypal or credit card payment. *Inventor’s Guestbook is not supported by Internet Explorer, but it is well supported by my assistant miss Digital ;)

  • The new Latvian ultimate Catri 25 trimaran on hydrofoils is giving a rare chance for sponsorship

    Posted on November 29th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    The Latvian marine company Catrigroup led by Mareks Justs is looking for the sponsorship for their new ultimate trimaran Catri 25 on hydrofoils. Their previous yachts, built under  the managment of inventor Aldis Eglājs were named as Catri 24, 26, 27 & 31.  Surely they have done well, but now is the time for upgrade, said Mareks who believes that their new yacht is probably the fastest C-class trimaran in the World, which has been designed for both – Racing & Cruising. In fact 10 years ago Catri was the only trimaran on hydrofoils in the world, with 40% hydrofoilng. “Today we attend to be the first trimaran with 100% hydrofoiling  that extremely increases speed up to 30 mph or more instead of 20-25mph and this difference on sailing yachts is big. More important is the Stability System  invented by Aldis, which allows to sail on Catri even in open sea waves” – said Mareks.  Catri 25 Team has set the target to compete at some of the major European races starting from March 2014. As we all know – good things take time. Therefore, if you are interested to join the team and to get your nice logo on Catri 25 trimaran, please contact to me soon by email:  as this sems to be rare, uncommon possibility for advertisement on the fastest yacht !

    * Have a closer look at :  &  watch the  Video  commented by Stephen Walker.

  • UN Secretary-General will visit Robotex 2013

    Posted on November 9th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon

    The eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon is about to visit our annual robotic show “Robotex” on coming Saturday 16th November. He will also have a speech for us in early morning at 10.30am ! So, if you wonder – Should I go or not – then it is not too hard to decide anymore I guess .. After all, Robotex is the biggest tech show of the year and there is no enterance fee either :)  So, you better be there to enjoy robotic sumo and football matches and also the tech show where we should see the first electric Formula in the World, which was built here in Tallinn just few months ago … To check out the shedule Go: . To read my review & watch photos of Robotex 2012 just look at here. 

    News have been caught by

  • Estinve$ was born finally this morning

    Posted on October 27th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Work in process ..

     Yesss !!! It is Sunday and the very first Winter day, but what can You do if You just happen to wake up 5 a clock in the morning and the idea strokes your mind ??  Well, there are two options I suppose: First – You pertend like nothing has happened and You will try to get back to sleep OR You’ll wake up & JUST DO IT ! As traditional, I have chosen the last one and the result is here for You – A Brand new investment site for Angel investors, entrepreneurs & inventors – Estinve$  :)

    There is no proper logo yet or all those wistles and bells, but it does the job. So, Go and have a look & please get back to me with Your proposals !

    * I hope it does give an option also for poor inventors to improve their chances  for commercialization of their inventions ..

  • Science Centre AHHAA can entertain You all day long !

    Posted on October 26th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    The rest is your imagination …

    If you are inventor or would like to be the one, then you really should visit the Science Centre AHHAA in the City of Tartu ! It is kind of A&B in physics, technology & medicine which explains simply how things work. It also leaves some caps for your imagination how things could be if YOU decide to invent something ;)

    There are many attractions at Ahhaa centre which can buzz your mind so that you are amaized how easy it is actually to confuze your brain and knock out your sense of balance. I must admit I was buzzed till the end of the day when I first visited Ahhaa Centre about a couple of weeks ago with our latvian inventor-friends. Now being there for the second time last Thursday I am still  buzzed by some of those tricks and by the fact that something wonderful like this has been created here in Estonia !

    Well done guys !! It is the perfect day out for a family or anyone who is interested in technology, medicine or physics.  

    Want to know more just Go : 

  • “Minox 2013″ was the good one indeed

    Posted on October 9th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Students lab @ Minox invention show

    What is the recipe for a Great invention show? – I asked myself when I was participating at Latvan show “Minox 2013″ for the first time last Saturday. Luckily I’ve got the answers, which I am planning to implement for our show in Estonia next Spring. Yes, you heard right – there is one coming up probably in April, so get your spirit ready to visit the Skype country !

    Back to the show, I must admit it was the good one. First I saw many inventors presenting their groovy inventions, then I saw more ladyinventors than usual and then young inventors and even kid inventors which made me really happy : )  Great was also the place – Riga Technical University ,which is  located by the river of Daugava and has also a great exhibition of Da Vinci inventions on its ground floor. Organizing committee led by Elmars Baltins did a great job with a programme and specially with the closing ceremony where every inventor got the certificate and mug to remember the show + of course they had some special prizes for better ones !

    I was also impressed by Old town of Riga and the timing of the show as latvians celebrated  Inventors’ Day & their 25th anniversary of freedom movement. So, if you are about to choose your next destination for the weekend break then take a flight to Riga and enjoy Da Vinci exhibition @ the tech uni and Velo Riksi limo-services in Old Town ;)   

    * The homepage of Latvian Inventors Association and the programme of the passed show can be found here and photos @ my FB page & LIA homepage.

    Seeyou in Riga next year !

  • Finnish Week of Innovations is growing well every year

    Posted on September 28th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Inventor Karmo Kaaristo is explaining to the news channel how his pneumo engine – Pneumobil works  ..

    The 7th annual Week of Innovations which was held at Viitasaari  from 19-21st september gathered more inventors and visitors  this time around. Luckily it was held nearly 2 months earlier than last years event, so we even could jump into the beautyful lake by the hotel sauna …

    As times are hard and recession continues we surely need more innovative solutions and inventions to improve our technologies and to save money. Surely, the trend is to produce more stuff with a less energy and manpower. How to do this? That is the question. But not for those who are on it every single day – they just do it !  Therefore it is always pleasure to see what good neighbours have done and to show off our new solutions & toys’ as well.

    So, how was the show and what sort of inventions we saw this time? Well , the show was great & inspirational as always and those who didn’t come missed all fun ! Veijo Vaakanainen from Finnish Inventors National Federation - Kekery  has just released the Video footage about the show on his Youtube channel.

    This time we had inventors also from Poland & Hungary although our Swedish friends from couldnt make it. Hopefully next year …  But the good news is that Estonian team had grown from 4 to 10 members and so we had even our own little street ! Inventors  and their inventions of this street were next :  Aavo Murutalu – A simple method of taking 3D photos with any camera , Indrek HallikmäeTiretower , Enno Sinipalufilament , Hando Kruuv  with his unique Pendulum , Karmo Kaaristo - Pneumobile ,  Kalle Köömnemägi presenting Meiren OÜ snow blows , our high-end designer Leonardo Meigas with his unique chair and myself with the  IdeaGuru – which is the cellphone application for would be inventors & entrepreneurs Worldwide  / Out soon !

    My personal favourite  invention this year was the Airplane-Sauna called Flying Pig’ invented by finnishman P. Penttilä which i found very entertaining & also refreshing experience as the sauna was on !!  :)





    * For more photos & comments please visit my Facebook Gallery.  


  • The Best Estonian Made Inventions are Cracking the very 1st Cover at home Finally!

    Posted on September 9th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Inseneeria, September 2013

    I launched my homepage with the wish to help would-be inventors and to introduce Estonian made inventions Worldwide in Spring 2009. As a young inventor who lived in Torquay, UK at the time, I had no idea what sort of World I had entered to. Finally now, which is nearly 5 years on I can see the fruits of my leighbour.

    I guess it is a dream of most inventors to hit the front page of the tech magazine or to crack the mainstream news channel. So it was mine, but mainly for a sake of my fellow inventors who have been abused by the system. As many of us know the Soviet Estonia was much different place as it is today …

    The legacy of our prime invention – Skype  has changed this land to the land of plenty of IT solutions. Many of them like GrabCAD , & TransferWise are making their way to the World markets. Inspired by the success of those companies many youngsters here are dreaming to become the next generation IT millionaires. True, if there was no internet or blogging – there was no “Estonian Inventor” either .

    But there is & for that reason I am IN ! And so has one of my dreams come true just last week when our main tech magazine Inseneeria released the cover-story with the best Estonian made inventions of all time. Yes, it surely feels good to be at cover of the magazine with something what matters to my people, but it feels even better to raise up those brilliant inventors who have done so well for my little country !

    Refreshed TOP 10 is here for you to read. If you have suggestions how to improve it, please post your comments to Inseneeria or my FB page.

    “The only matter what really matters is Grey matter !”

    Leo Siemann