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  • CoFounder – The First pan-European Startup Magazine

    Posted on April 23rd, 2015 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Tarmo Virki & me @Garage 48

    As Europe is seeing its first massive startup boom I spoke to the man who keeps his close eye on latest developments in this sector – Tarmo Virki. Being a journalist of past 20 years at outlets like Reuters & Forbes, his focus has turned on to startups. Last summer he and a few other co-founders decided the booming sector was mature enough to face real, old-school journalism.

    They decided to try to do something crazy, something really old school – a print magazine at the time of the digital revolution. “The idea was so crazy, we just had to go ahead and try this,” says Virki, for who one of the early positive signs was the energy youngsters from Arctic Startup, largest startup blog in Scandinavia, were willing to put into developing a print publication. There are reasons for this — niche print magazines which have their audience have done well despite the scrutiny from online publishing. It might be because of the experience – browsing the iPad isn’t just quite comparable with the fine touch and smell of the gloss paper and the way we browse magazines in trains and hotel lobbies …

    * This interview has been brought to you by on Vimeo.

    CoFounder was launched at Slush – the biggest startup event in Scandinavia last November. The first issue featured reviews of the best hardware towns in Europe, a deep-dive into gaming monetization, “real” one-pagers and a survey on why startups fail. It also had the overview of Slush in Helsinki and the story about birth of the magazine. The second issue was released in March at technology trade fair CeBIT in Germany and concentrated on German market. The third issue will focus on crowdfunding and will be released in the beginning of May.
    “It is quite a tricky task to put together a niche magazine which would cover itself and make some profit in these days,” says Virki when we meet downtown Estonian capital of Tallinn, one of the upcoming hot startup scenes in Europe.
    After launching the magazine using lean startup methodology of Eric Ries the team continued to mix the two worlds of old print media and new startup thinking in their own work and launched in March a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Most of perks include subscription to the magazine – thus allowing the team to build up subscriber base. First hundred people are there and so Virki has been able to stick to his own promise – something he picked up from one of the startup conferences – to write personal emails with the first 1000 clients. Could anyone imagine traditional publishers doing that? Maybe that’s the new magazine industry – the firm factor is the same, but everything else has completely changed.

    The campaign has ended 110% successfully with about $17 000 on board on Sunday, April 11th. Although the target was well reached you can still suscribe to the magazine buying one of the perks from their ongoing campaign. Check it out at  and don’t forget, 3rd mag will be out soon 😉


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