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    Well to put it simple – Copyright is such a thing that if you have your copy, you have your right as well !  It means that if you can prove original copy of your created work  such as writing, art, photography or piece of music – you also have all rights to sell, reproduce and stop others illegaly selling your copies.

    Some countries have Copyright Office where you can register your works, but most countries haven’t got one. There are international agreements instead. Many countries have companies  who can register your works for you,  but by the end of the day it is your responsibility to keep your copies safe for any case of infringement.

    The easyiest way to prove your copyright is to post a copy to yourself in recorded mail,  which clearly indicates  your name and the date when your work was created and the date & stamp on the corner of envelope showing when it was posted. The word Copyright should be added or symbol  © used to indicate your right.  You also may sign it . But DO NOT open it as you receive your mail. It is important to keep it safe & sealed as long you may need it !

    Fastest way to prove your work today is internet.  So,  as  I would like to say that this  is my piece of work you’ve just read,  I also take my right to say so :

     © Leo Siemann 2015.


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