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  • Finnish-Estonian inventors 3rd Symposium will take place at Ravila Manor

    Posted on May 16th, 2018 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    This years grand event will be hosted at the home of the first Estonian inventor and pilot Peter August Friedrich von Manteuffel (1768-1842) from 1st till 3rd of June. 

    The pitching event starts on Saturday, 2nd June at 10am. More than 50 inventors from Estonia, Finland, Russia, Norway and England are expected to pitch their ideas to investors and manufacturers. The entry for public members is free, for inventors it will cost a bit to make their presentations and to hold displays. If you would like to dine with inventors there is also a fee applicable.

    Looking back in time we can clearly see that the best Estonian inventions have come from the private sector. Walter Zapp Minox spy camera, Karl Papello electronic ear and cannon, Bernhard Schmidt telescope, Toomas Paiste Symbals and Skype – all of them are works of private inventors from which most have left Estonia with their inventions at early stage as there was no financial backing or understanding at the time. The situation has improved a little in recent years. We got new foundations including angel investors who are after new startups and inventions which have been invented in Estonia. Perhaps it is a good time now for private inventors to come together and introduce their works to investors and public members to see if it makes any national or international interest. Therefore Estonian Inventors Association in cooperation with our Finnish friends are inviting inventors to the annual Symposium at Ravila Manor.

    There are 4 men in the committee of Symposium : Ardo Pärna, Kari Kaila, Aavo Murutalu and Kalle Köömnemägi. To secure your spot and pitching time please make your registration to : . Seeyou there !

    * Peter August Friedrich von Manteuffel was known as a crazy count making the prototype of an airplane 100 years before Wright brothers who are official aviation pioneers since 1903 as they got the first ever airplane flying! This year we will be celebrating PAF von Manteuffel’s 250th birthday 🙂 

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