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  • Grand old master Gabriel Passov made it to the Guthman’s final in the USA

    Posted on March 26th, 2019 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Passov @ Atlanta, Georgia Tech

    There is a competition at Atlanta which gathers inventors of a new music instruments every Spring. Founded by Margaret and Richard Guthman from the Georgia Tech University, the competition has become internationally known and recognized event.

    This year was a special one as our grand old master Gabriel Passov who is retired electronic engineer was invited to the final round  at Atlanta to perform at his Chord Viola. Passov has developed his novel instrument for nearly a decade now. What makes his Viola special is the system which allows to perform alternately solo and the three-string chord using the standard fingering. There are also more adjustments what Passov has made to improve the quality of the play like the simplified bridgedouble peg and Bow with increased weight.

    The Guthman competition attracts many inventors and musicians every year who have made new mechanical, digital or even combined new instruments. This years performance included Airsticks, Biot-Savharp, Chord Viola, Geoshred, Spininstruments and the Glide who won the competition. Judges were also well known : Pamela Z, Roger Linn and Ge Wang. Final results and peoples Choice Awards were given after 3 days of performances. If you would like to see more and listen how those new instruents sound like then please click  here to follow the final live concert from the Ferst Center for the Arts at Georgia Institute of Technology. 

    Lets hope that Passov’s works will be better understood and appreciated while he is here with us. Music is surely something we need, to be happier and emotionally balanced.

    * If you are musician or investor who reads my article right now and  You would like to meet the old master Passov to see his works then please do not hesitate to contact me :

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