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  • “Minox 2013″ was the good one indeed

    Posted on October 9th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Students lab @ Minox invention show

    What is the recipe for a Great invention show? – I asked myself when I was participating at Latvan show “Minox 2013″ for the first time last Saturday. Luckily I’ve got the answers, which I am planning to implement for our show in Estonia next Spring. Yes, you heard right – there is one coming up probably in April, so get your spirit ready to visit the Skype country !

    Back to the show, I must admit it was the good one. First I saw many inventors presenting their groovy inventions, then I saw more ladyinventors than usual and then young inventors and even kid inventors which made me really happy : )  Great was also the place – Riga Technical University ,which is  located by the river of Daugava and has also a great exhibition of Da Vinci inventions on its ground floor. Organizing committee led by Elmars Baltins did a great job with a programme and specially with the closing ceremony where every inventor got the certificate and mug to remember the show + of course they had some special prizes for better ones !

    I was also impressed by Old town of Riga and the timing of the show as latvians celebrated  Inventors’ Day & their 25th anniversary of freedom movement. So, if you are about to choose your next destination for the weekend break then take a flight to Riga and enjoy Da Vinci exhibition @ the tech uni and Velo Riksi limo-services in Old Town ;)   

    * The homepage of Latvian Inventors Association and the programme of the passed show can be found here and photos @ my FB page & LIA homepage.

    Seeyou in Riga next year !

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