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    Posted on February 23rd, 2014 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Yeah, it will be 5 years soon from the day I launched my homepage while I was living with my lovely wife & daughter Charlotte in the UK. It all happened in a rocky seaside town called Torquay which is the heart of the English Riviera , well known by its history and nightlife. Honestly this place is full of legends from the past like Charles Darwin, Agatha Christie, Isaac Singer, I.K. Brunel, Thomas Newcomen and many others. I must admit it is the most inspirational place on the planet Earth I ever lived in my entire life.

    As many of yours, so did my parents divorce which I found hard to overcome. But life went on & so did I. After passing Oisu Primary School with flying colours I graduated Kuusalu High School in 1992 and then Tallinn Medical College in 1996 as Military Assistant Doctor. I practised in various hospitals & military field for few years before I left for the UK where I lived 12 wonderful years in total. Now, England really got me as I experienced & learned a lot in those years. I learned how to play tennis & golf, I studied sports medicine, I worked, I got married & we made a business. Also I was a keen member of local poetry club & writers club at St.Marychurch Torquay. After graduating as a Sports-Massage Therapist at South Devon College in 2001, I had a luck to work with some of the finest sportsman in the World. My massage clients included 4 World champions & 2 Olympic gold medalists. But that wasn’t my final call as yet as you might of thought …

    It all kicked off as I had my very first invention idea back in 2005 … Jep, this funny chair of mine got its patent granted in 2010 🙂  As I had no marketing experience or contacts for this at the time I decided not to proceed with sales and use it as a sample invention for my future. The patent application  process I made in Estonia, UK & US was actually so painful for me that I decided to launch my homepage Estonian Inventor – dedicated to all those simple people who are struggling with their invention ideas just as I did. The other thing was that there was no decent help for inventors available in Estonia at the time and the homepage of our Patent Office was a bit dull also. So, instead of marketing my first invention I took it as experience to help the others who were struggling and I wasn’t wrong. Soon after setting up my page I started to receive emails from people who asked my advice how to file their inventions, where to make their prototypes and how to get published? I must admit I was then and I am still delighted to guide  them on daily basis.

    I joined with the Estonian Inventors Association back in 2010 and became the board member in 2011 as I returned to Estonia for networking and bringing my brand to live. Next two years went fast building up my presence at home and taking my fellow inventors to exhibitions in  Sweden, Finland & Latvia. I also carried on my publications in media and at my homepage. The warmup was nice and the first article which made some good waves wast published at the Estonias bestselling tabloid Postimees on Valentines Day back in 2010.

    The breakthrough came finally as Pealtnägija – the most observed TV show in Estonia asked my comments for Mr. Passov’s  invention Chord Viola back in April 2012. The next 2 shows which went live at Ringvaade and Tallinn TV took me a little further. Finnish Inventors National Federation published my first ever cover-story at their journal “KeksintöUutiset” in May 2013. Then another 4 months went before the first cover was printed by Inseneeria at my homeland with the Best Estonian made inventions of all time. I remember when I made my TOP 10 inventions list back in 2009 I had a thought that one day it should make it to the cover of the magazine & so it did just 4 years later … The very first video footage was made of my Top 10 speech by Start Smart @ their Summercamp in August 2013.

    Despite all my efforts for private inventors, I haven’t got a  financial stability to continue my work at dezired level today. So once again I am looking into this hobby like I used to when I started back in 2009, I’m asking myself: What’s next?  It is obvious that this work needs to be done and therefore I keep working till my country has got a decent IP law and supportive structure for private inventors. Why? Just because I believe our best inventions have come from the private sector which made it to the World and also made money which our country has lost due to poor IP managment & marketing skills. To be frank, we still loosing millions of euros every year as this trend continues. Therefore my story goes on till the work is done. In that way I believe, Estonia could be a better place to live for us and for further generations …

    My Resume can be found @

    @Viitasaari Invention Show in Finland 2012

    * I am honoured to present Estonian Inventors Association @ IFIA since January the 1st 2014.  


    Update 10th Feb 2017 : I returned to the UK in April 2016 because of cold war in Baltics was getting worse and I needed to continue my work in England and internationally. I launched Invention News  at British Invention Show, London in October and founded “Inventors Night” public event which first got together at Brixham Sea Works startup hub in South-West England on 7th December 2016.

    Update, 27th July 2018 : Inventor’s Night has become a wider event connecting inventors and public members in England, Estonia and Finland  *

    After second successful year with Invention News at the British invention Show I decided to start with our very own  Estonian Invention Show  which will be happening at Walter Zapp Building in Technopol Tallinn for a first time from 27-28th September 2018.

    To be continued … 


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