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    Estonian made electric car still runs on wind power …

    Posted on Aug.31st, 2009   by Leo Siemann   No comments
    I was looking at “Top Gear” in TV  last night where  Jeremy Clarkson introduced electric car  “Tesla Roadster”  which was rather quick ! Unfortunately it didn’t last very long as Jeremy raced around and he had to put it on 13 hrs charge to go for another 2hrs racing. Well, if we go on electric cars then we surely need a mega electricity supplies to run all those and that means we probably have to use much more nuclear energy which isn’t that safe and green at all unless we will find some serious alternatives. But there was another car introduced by James May, ” Honda  FCX Clarity ” made in California. This engine runs on hydrogen. Actually this particular car runs on electric engine which gets its supply from the hydrogen cell. Waste product is a bit of water olny, so quite green stuff then !  But collecting hydrogen from the nature isn’t that advanced yet and we got to work on it although its cost is about the same as petrol in these days. 
    All that reminded me our Estonian made vehicle which was constructed by the man from island of Muhu  last summer.  It can speed 16kmph and runs  up to 45km with full battery.  It has got lights and passenger seat as well ! Inventor Eldur Väärtnõu charges his friend’ from wind generator and is well pleased with its running costs. So it looks like it is still possible to run your car on electricity only if you need go for your bread & butter and not for serious racing …  

    Scroll it down :     >>  Video by “elu24″ and  “Reporter”.

    And here is another link  4you to  Top Gear  stuff :


    Estonian Domain Auction could be well profitable after all !

    Posted on April 27th, 2009 , Leo Siemann ,  No comments

    There have been some articles and lots of lobby work about this issue in the past. Although some things are really slow to change in Estonia , I can see how things melting finally !

    I do understand the feelings of those people who are versus’ domain auction as such. The main argument is to put full attention into IT progress instead and not to spend time with the bubble ‘. Fair enough, but the trouble is that bubble will burst as soon it is big enough to do so … And it soon will be . Wouldn’t it be a good idea to set up auction before things go rapid ? I m sure there will be some nice money made for both,  people  & our country …

    As the homepage is the center of your brand , I think it is extremely important to understand where all our homepages are accommodated. Therefore we have domains , which are like the virtual land in the web. But this land is surely getting more growded and its value is rising fast. The central location on top domains is like the square mile in city centre – very expensive for most of us !

    As the new domain body’ takes over from the old one by this summer .ee domain will be released to public. It means the number of registered .ee domains will grow rapidly overnight. Obviously all these buyers would not use all these domains themselves, so the need to auction them off rises soon.

    The other reason is that registered .ee domains for so far have quite high value. Someone said recently that Estonia has probably the most expensive domain names ! What he ment by that is if you want to get a decent .ee domain name, you got to register your company , which costs you 40 000eek !! ( $ 3400.- ) So, clear enough, if these companies go bust, suddenly their domains will became highly valuable.

    The third reason for auction is the fact that todays internet IS NOT able to recognise premium & top domains in the first place. So, actually you can buy yourself these valuable domians for a little money if you are lucky enough to find them !

    All that predicts for the accurate marketplace. Yes, they could be sold in random auctoins as well , but obviously one central auction and few private ones around could make things easier ! This is only my prediction as I see it better to be fully opened & legalised activity and properly taxed by Goverment. I belive it actually would make sense to open up another stream for ‘ a bit ‘ of extra money to our annual budget in these difficult times..

    It is my opinion after all and only time can tell us how opened and fast the result will be .

    * Meanwhile you can look into my which is probably the first private domain auction set up by estonian. Also you better make your mind up as this business is about to get even bigger as it is growing every day !!

    Happy domain hunting falkes,

    Leo Siemann
    from UK shores.


    Think tanks – Great story in difficult times !

     Posted on May 2nd, 2009 Mr. Leo Siemann 

    Nationwide brainstorming session was launched in 527 sites throughout Estonia and overseas yesterday.  Supported by volunteers more than 11 000 people gavered in 409 official think tanks’ to put heads together about Estonias present & future. Afterparty followed over midnight. It was the second successful event organised by civil initiative  “My Estonia”. Hopefully it will inspire other nations as well to get together for the better country in these difficult times.  

    Press releases are now available :

  & the Year of Innovation.

    Posted on April 6th, 2009 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Homepage  has been created by innovative people in Tartu , South Estonia. Its purpose is to unite  as many  people as possible  in Estonia to produce  new ideas and solutions for the better country.  The Patron of  The Year of  Innovation is our President   Mr.Toomas  Hendrik  Ilves.   Homepage has different features such as People , Organisations & Ideabank. There is also a Blogg in the front page to let people write freely about their ideas and observations.

    I think it is really great idea in such difficult times !

    You can visit this webpage :                                                                                                     and check out what our president is up to :



    Posted on April 20th, 2009 , Leo Siemann ,  No comments

    Estonian civil initiative ” Let s do it ! “  was born in spring 2008. Capaign gavered some 50 000 volunteers  accross the country who cleaned up rubbish and dangerous  waste. Encouraged by successful start, this years Big thing ‘  is going to be a brainstorm  session ” My Estonia “.  It is  surely a chance for every estonian at home & abroad to give their idas for the better country !  More than 400  locations throughout Estonia and virtually,  will be hosting the Think tanks ‘ as brainstorming sessions taking place on May 1st.  Personally I think it is a Great stuff and good chance for everyone to make our Estonia better place to be !  

    To read more  go :


     IPN – Intellectual Property Facebook ?

    Posted on April 13th, 2009 , Leo Siemann,   No comments

    It is fascinating to see how communications  have  improved in recent years.  For instance 10 years ago  most of us had no idea about social networks.  Today we have Myspace,  we twitter,  we go to Facebook  & Orkut and enter other virtual portals.  Even mobile phones have now your office and most medias intergrated.  

    I would like to introduce another hi-tec web tool to you today , which is IPN or Intellectual Property Network.  Created by  Mr. Mikk Putk from Tallinn  only a couple of months ago it has become something outstandig already !  Not exactly by the number of members yet , but by its quality of applications.  It has the most of  features of the Facebook and even more ! I m not going to tell you it all here – you better go & see it with your own naked eye !     

    And what’s  more – folkes have joined in right around the Globe !  I personally do not know any other IP network like this and therefore I think it well could be called our  ” IP Facebook “ .

    So, if you are on the field as  IP fan or professional you better join in and find out what’s going on , because the internet is probably the first  place where you can hear latest innovation happening today !


    Welcome folkes !  

    Posted on March 21st, 2009  No comments

    I hope you will find my blog  as helpful tool to IP World.  Work is still in progress and  there is certainly  more to come up soon !  

    We can see  a lot happening in innovation area in these days  as times are tight and new solutions and products really needed to brighten up our economy.  Lot more people are saving their resourses  and thinking of  making something new.  It’s all good !  But are you just one of those thinkers or you are actually doing something about it  ?   

    We got various roles in this area :  scientists ,  inventors , entrepreneurs & investors.  The rest I suppose may be classified just as a working  force.  It is cruel , but probably its  true.  For instance you may be a good  businessman , but if you don’t have your own company you also have no IP to reley on and then you are known as  a salesman.

    To make a difference you have to establish your own IP – Intellectual Property , which can protect your ideas.  Therefore it is extremely important to know what actually is your IP & how you can protect it.


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