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  • UK-Estonia TechLink launch @ D5 Summit in Tallinn

    Posted on November 22nd, 2015 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Dispite the fact that checkbooks are still very much in common practice, Britain shows its intrest on digital side as well :) First coming up with Digital 5 – the exclusive club of the most advanced digital nations year ago and now the UK-Estonia TechLink which is the latest initiative by the British Embassy and our tech-savvy ambassador Chris Holtby.

    The TechLink was launched by UK’s Parliamentary Secretary for the Cabinet Office Lord Bridges of Headley and Estonian Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kristen Michal in Tallinn on 20th November. It is a brandnew platform building stronger bridges between UK and Estonia in technology, innovation and science.

    Breakfast panel at LHV bank was inspirational and intensive …

    Two days event started with Garage48 pitching contest hosted by Mike Butcher from TechCrunch, followed by FinTech conference at Tallinn TV Tower on Thursday and coffee morning panel at LHV bank, focusing on e-residency and Blockchain on Friday. The Summit gathered many international participants and experts from UK Trade and Investment, Experian, HM Treasury, Guardtime, e-Governance and banking sector.  Digital 5 unites five most advanced digital nations in the World: Estonia, UK, Israel, South-Korea & New Zealand from which Estonia has the driving seat on e-governance & cybersecurity and currently holding the presidency of D5 for a year since October 2015.

    *ERR got the story and Reporter did it in estonian as well : )

  • The 15th British Invention Show continued its legacy

    Posted on November 4th, 2015 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    I had a great chance to visit the 15th BIS anniversary show @ Barbican Exhibition Hall, London last weekend. It was historical moment indeed as Kane Kramer, man behind the show since its beginning 2001, called many national and international inventors together again to the place where the BIS was held at the very first time.

    It is clear that this kind of show is much needed also to aknowledge and promote inventors who are actually making innovation possible in many areas.  Well, frankly there would not be any innovation without inventions. I hope this message gets across to governmental institutions to support not just companies but also private inventors who making their efforts to improve the quality of our everyday life.

    * Video of the Great BIS 2014 , Photos via  FB gallery  ;) Homepage:

  • The World’s smallest Card Reader is made in Estonia

    Posted on June 26th, 2015 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Well, to be precise it is made in Taiwan now but once the idea came to designer Martin Lazarev back in 2009 it was made here indeed.  So as we heard it took only one designer who was fed up with his  card reader’s cable to come up whith something we know as the smallest smart card reader in the World today :)

    When Martin had made his very first prototype out of cardboard, he introduced his idea to Argo Männiste who also got excited about it. After few rounds of brainstorming Argo presented the product to his friend Arte Ermel. Then after few years of inventing and designwork the final product was settled and patented. As a local production cost was a little too high, the +ID team decided to find Chinese partners, which proved to be a mistake. Surely the cost came down, but so did the quality and the final result was unsatisfing. So they decided to find a new partner from Asia and found it from Taiwan , where +ID’s are made today. Meanwhile, between long development period copycat had appeared on the market…  Still, leaving beside all the difficulties +ID was launched on Jan, 3rd 2014 to claim its unique place amongst all smart card readers : )  Read the full story by Ronald Liive @ Kahvel.

    So, why is it useful?  Frankly for many reasons. As the World is becoming more digital day by day, we need to confirm our idendity with places like banks, schools, healthcare and many other. It is not a bad idea if one has no cable behind and can well fit into your wallet with ID and bank cards. The next thing you need to find is USB port on your laptop and you will be in your bank or database within a minute.

    Somehow it is all so natural for Estonia as the 1st e-nation with the breaking news on e-residency, which has started signing up his first members from December 2014.  The no 1 person to join with the programme was well known British journalist Edward Lucas , followed by many others. So, here we got it all in one for you now : The e-Residency and the smallest card reader in your pocket. *LS


  • Mate Rimac – from inventor to the Startup company

    Posted on June 11th, 2015 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Inventors and startuppers are almost two different kind of people, well at least by their mindsets. In one hand so close, unyet so different in their attitude from which end to start fulfilling their dreams. But surely both are big Dreamers, persistant and hardcore achievers. Still there will be one in a million from those who can do perfectly both – invent and then commercialize their ideas. Here is the story of 5 times Guinness recordholder Mate Rimac who is doing something impossible: Making a supercar company out of Balkans and not just:

    As for me, this is a prime sample of how different could be a startupper from inventor. One inventing to fix the World and the other making business out of it. How about you? Whatever is the answer, you still have to team up with many good people to scale your business and to make your dream wild out there. Good Luck my friend !!

  • QUIN Estonia has hosted the International Conference for Women Inventors

    Posted on May 2nd, 2015 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    It is obvious that there would not be any innovation without inventions. As we look around we can see inventions everythere, unless we stand naked in the middle of woods.. So, thanks to Konrad Suze who built the very first electomechanical computer and Tim Berners-Lee who invented the World Wide Web I can sit here and write to you today.

    There are also ladies who have done many awesome inventions, but somehow we know a lot less about them. Let me name just a few: Rosalyn Yalow, Marie Curie, Stephanie Kwolec, Ruth Handler, Mary Potts, Sybilla Masters and Magdalena Villarus..  Do you know what they have invented? If not, it is time to make a little Google search and find out, coz some of them have changed the World we know ;)

    Quin Estonia in cooperation with the Global Inventors & Innovators Network  (GWIIN) hosted the 2nd international conference and exhibition for women inventors in Tallinn University of Technology from 24th-25th April. More than 100 lady-inventors gathered from Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Russia, Tadzikistan, Latvia, Lithuania,  Estonia and United Kingdom.

    The conference was opened by Tea Varrak, director of Mektory followed by Christer Haglund from the Nordic Council of Ministers and by our brandnew director of the  Patent Office  Margus Viher. Soon after this we heard opening speech by Bola Olabisi , founder and the president of GWIIN. Other guest speakesrs were Maila Hakala from QUIN Finland, Elinora Inga Sigurdardottir from KVENN Icland and Wanja Bellander from QUIN Sweden. The main organizer of the event was Anne-Mari Rannamäe, Pesident of QUIN Estonia. Interviews were made by StartupRadio & gallery of photos is available on FB.

    * The next big event organized by European Union Women Inventors & Innovators  Network (EUWIIN) will take place in London from 14-15 October.

  • CoFounder – The First pan-European Startup Magazine

    Posted on April 23rd, 2015 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Tarmo Virki & me @Garage 48

    As Europe is seeing its first massive startup boom I spoke to the man who keeps his close eye on latest developments in this sector – Tarmo Virki. Being a journalist of past 20 years at outlets like Reuters & Forbes, his focus has turned on to startups. Last summer he and a few other co-founders decided the booming sector was mature enough to face real, old-school journalism.

    They decided to try to do something crazy, something really old school – a print magazine at the time of the digital revolution. “The idea was so crazy, we just had to go ahead and try this,” says Virki, for who one of the early positive signs was the energy youngsters from Arctic Startup, largest startup blog in Scandinavia, were willing to put into developing a print publication. There are reasons for this — niche print magazines which have their audience have done well despite the scrutiny from online publishing. It might be because of the experience – browsing the iPad isn’t just quite comparable with the fine touch and smell of the gloss paper and the way we browse magazines in trains and hotel lobbies …

    * This interview has been brought to you by on Vimeo.

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  • TransferWise is just a much wiser way to transfer your money abroad

    Posted on March 22nd, 2015 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    It all started because of two men – Taavet Hinrikus and Kristo Käärmann. The official story tells that both men came across the same old trouble – loosing money on their transfers. But being a good friends helped as they decided to top up each others bank accounts using Reuters mid-market rate.  So, Kristo paid to Taavet the amount of his salary in pounds to London highstreet bank account and Taavet topped up Kristos account with euros in Tallinn. Doing that on monthly basis boys couldn’t stop thinking that there must be many more people like them who might need it as a service… and so the Transferwise was born. Surely there was something to do with this Skype thing where Taavet continued his work as the very first emploee. Inspirational as it was then, so became peer-to-peer useful once again. It is no secret that banks are taking off abuout 4-5% of money we sending overseas. As Kristo and Taavet figured out that there was no actual need to send money over physically they created a much smarter system to save our hard earned pennies :)  So, how it works? Just check out the next video:

    Now, if You think that You or your friend might need this groovy solution then go & check out the instructions  and click here to get your first transfer sorted. There is a fee as little as 0,5% which is about 10 times less than banks charge us. To learn more about Transferwise watch Matt Covan interview with Taavet Hinrikus @ Cass Business School. TW is now operating on 101 currency routes and has established its presence at US market just a month ago.

    * TransferWise has received investments for further development from Sir Richard Brandson, Peter Thiel, Index Ventures, IA Ventures, Seedcamp and the latest by Andreessen Horowitz in total of $91M , which values this company close to $1BN  benchmark.

  • The 1st Cyberolympic Games for students were held @ Estonian IT College

    Posted on February 16th, 2015 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    The word “Cyber” is increasingly important in both civil and war terms. Therefore Estonia is taking steps further in cyber security. First of all we train people for those extraordinary jobs and then we test them also :)  A great initiative has come from Estonian Information Technology College who invited students for the first Cyberolympic Games in Europe last Saturday, 14th February.

    The event was opened by Kusti Salm, rep of Estonia to NATO and by  the Chief of Cyber Range CPT Uko Valtenberg. After 8 hours intensive defending of computer systems from the Pineapplian Empire’ winners were next :

    1. Jaanus Kääp, Estonian Information Technology College, Development of IT systems

    2. Henri Ots, Estonian Information Technology College, Administration of IT systems

    3. Andres Elliku, Tallinn University of Technology, Cyberdefence


    There were 21 olympians participating in total including one lady. Event was supported by the Estonian Ministry of Defence, Tallinn University of Technology, Guardtime, ByteLife Solutions, Sisco Systems, and the cyber security company Vequrity.

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  • Looking back to TehnoHack 2014

    Posted on November 15th, 2014 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    The first TehnoHack, organized by Skeemipesa @Mektory TUT was a successful event with more than 150 participants from 8 countries. Here is my interview with one of the organizers Tanel Kerstna for you:

    Final results of those 15 teams which started on Friday 24th October can be seen at Skeemipesa homepage . As confirmed by the manager of the event Heigo Mölder there will be second TehnoHack coming up next year indeed  :)

    * And this my dear friends was also the very first time when Invention News was aired in public.

  • Professor Zakhmatov from Ukraine has invented the system how to stop a fire faster than ever !

    Posted on November 5th, 2014 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    We all know that fire can do a massive damage and it does take a lot of time and effort to stop it. Luckily there is a Godgiven man on the planet who has done a scientific work and thousands of tests to work out new technologies which can shut the fire down with a lot less water and effort. This man is the Professor Vladimir D. Zakhmatov. As we have a war going on in Ukraine right now, Professor Zakhmatov has stopped his work at his homeland and planning to open up the competence & training centre of his new method in Estonia. Therefore newly founded company PulsTech OÜ is here to hold the technologies and know-how to establish the first School of Zakhmatov in Europe.

    The interview with inventor is here and video of  invention can be seen @ Youtube . * In case of interest please contact to me :  or  tel. +372 54 58 46 75

    New Technology of Pulse Forest Fire-Fighting.

        by Professor Vladimir Zachmatov (Brequet) 

    Experts say that Russia has long been invented bombs to extinguish fires, and special technology by which to eliminate any forest-fire, power. However, responsibility for fire safety officials in no hurry to purchase such non-lethal, risqué, active, high-precisely, fire-fighting  ammunition for decrease every year,  great economy and Ecology losses.  The first bomb was designed, field-produce and used numerously since 2 of May 1986 for fast, remote control, high-precisely extinguishing of inflammations at “Rudy Forest” – highest radioactive forest-area at Chernobyl Zone. Burned in Chernobyl ecological safe fast forest fire-fighting Technology, created during first days of Chernobyl catastrophe …

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