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    Patents are probably the most tricky bit of  Intellectual Property ( IP ). They are about to claim rights of technical art such as  inventions as we know  it in common.

    Patent application itself  for Gant of patent is pretty simple  &  can be found :

    The tricky bit is what we call  the  SPECIFICATION.  It’s like the passport of invention, which has to accompany your application.

    Specification contains various components :

    1. Description – as very much detailed document about your invention declairing its novelty.

    2.  Claims –  As what you exactly like to protect as ..

    3.  Drawings – to accompany your idea, which can be simple and have no excact mesaures, just clear pictures from every possible angle.

    4. Abstract – As a short resume of your description, usually acompanied by the best drawing about the subject.

    To manage your specification properly takes some serious  skill appart from drawings , which can be quite simple. The difficulty lays in specific technical vocabulary and in the way sentences are constructed to make sence for officials,   who check it in IP Office  afterwards.  Considering these circumstances, it is sensible to hire  Patent Attorney , who knows specific language required to describe your unique  technical solution.

    But, If  you think that you can Do It Yourself , there are no restrictions – YOU CAN DO IT !  Just prepare a lot of of  patience for some serious stuff to crack through.  You can read up in  internet and you can also get some consultations from IP – or Patent Office. There may be also some independent inventors out there,  who are able to help you.   I certainly can help you  to some extent, but how far  exactly –  it depends very much about your invention and return you may offer  ..

    General advise in this matter is still to find Patent Attorney.  Be aware that some of them have better prices for independent inventors than for companies.

    Good luck anyway !


    PS.  For more specific information please go to :


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