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  • Bookscandy is ready to scan !

    Posted on June 18th, 2011 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Ben Einborn with his brandnew prototype.

    As e-books have become very popular within past 2 years the demand for more is growing constantly. Many companies trying to get ahead producing more powerful gadgets than ever before and so does . This is not just the best selling e-book reader on Estonian market today, but also the high resolution multimedia player. Now to make things even better the mother-company A3 Interactive has launched a brand new scanner Bookscandy PRE just few days ago ! This scanner enables to copy up to 900 pages per hour and is a great sample of the latest digital and mechanical engineering in Estonia.

    The man who built the most mechanical parts for this machine is a young prototype builder Ben Einborn from the Estonian Prototype Company Erismet OÜ . Compared to similar scanners abroad this is reasonably priced machine, which has cost around 5000 euros to produce only. Another good thing about this machine is the software, which is included and there is no additional license fee for those who would like to buy it !

    More photos of this great machine can be found from .

    Facebook page of Estonian Prototype Company has been founded at 18th June 2011.

    * If you are interested to get your books scanned or you would like to by this machine please contact directly to : or call +372 6 313 050