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  • The 15th British Invention Show continued its legacy

    Posted on November 4th, 2015 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    I had a great chance to visit the 15th BIS anniversary show @ Barbican Exhibition Hall, London last weekend. It was historical moment indeed as Kane Kramer, man behind the show since its beginning 2001, called many national and international inventors together again to the place where the BIS was held at the very first time.

    It is clear that this kind of show is much needed also to aknowledge and promote inventors who are actually making innovation possible in many areas.  Well, frankly there would not be any innovation without inventions. I hope this message gets across to governmental institutions to support not just companies but also private inventors who making their efforts to improve the quality of our everyday life.

    * Video of the Great BIS 2014 , Photos via  FB gallery  😉 Homepage:

  • The BIS 2010 was groovy indeed !

    Posted on October 30th, 2010 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Sorry, I ve been away for a while. I had to see the British Invention Show and to visit my walkes in Estonia soon after.  As you may know time flies, specially then you having some holidays …

    First, the BIS had its 10th anniversary this year. Although recession did cut the numbers ,  the quality of the show was good as ever! I met inventors from all over the place – Croatia, Malaysia, Iran, Taiwan, Saudi-Arabia,  China, UK and even from Russia. The founder of the show –  Mr. Kramer was very busy man as usual, but this time I was lucky to get the photo taken with him : )  , which for me  as you can imagine was historical moment indeed.

    Many thanx to Kane and his team for the brilliant show !

    I guess , this years show was about half  a size down compared to last year. I could not see or Claude Woodward from , but I met Scott from , who has got a new product on the line again !

    I was also lucky to get the book  “Mother of Invention”  signed by the author and well known British inventor Sharon Wright. Next door to her was another lovely lady-inventor Celia , whos book I haven’t got yet, but can be odered from Amazon.

    As I had some of my friends with me this time, I asked them what did get their eye ? Top 5 inventions where : , , ,  Dual detection ZRGB apparatus by Croatian inventors  and foldable helmet by Jeff  Woolf  from London. Last two are so new that you can not find them on the Web yet !

    As an ex-military medical pro I found also amusing Anti-Falling System for a Jet Aeroplane and some biotechnologies by Malaysian inventors.  Dr. Mimi Sakinah Abdul Munaim introduced how to make Sorbitol from biomass or by other words how to make sugar from woodchips. Another technologies included kits for fast detection of Salmonella and heavy metals. Inventor Bill Currie showed his brilliant Wheelchair swing seat and kids from Michael Sobell Sinai School from North-London were presenting some groovy ideas all together 🙂 >>

    * If  you found something amusing and you would like to know more , you can contact to me via e-mail :  Alternatively you can always contact to these cracking inventors yourself, but I appreciate if you quote for me then doing so. I do know many of them and if you contact me first you may even get a better deal !