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  • Latitude59 – The Place Where Angels & Startups Meet

    Posted on May 3rd, 2014 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    It looks like the Angel has been found ..

    Estonia is know as one of the best startup contries in the World today and this trend shows the growth. Most recent event - Latitude59 , held at Mektory TUT, confirmed it as well as the crowd went up from expected 300 to 600 people!

    Ain’t no surprise to see the folks here from all around the Globe, so we had it this time. The panel included business angels from Moscow to L.A. Even finns are keeping close eye on us as a poor brother’ can surprise ;) Speakers included : Vint Cerf, Martin S.Hauge, Toby Moore, Taavet Hinrikus, Christian Thaler-Wolski, Tom Henriksson, Deborah Magid, Tim Draper and some other well known entrepreneurs and business angels. At some point there was sitting about 1bn on the stage and answering to the questions of  the growd. The final pitch-contest brought up the next startups:  Mageflow, WellBiome, Bikeep, Froont and Visitret. The first prize with a 5000 eur check was taken by e-paper producer Visitret, who I belive could be our next Skype’. The show was great and so was the cake afterwards ; ) & BIG Thanx goes to the host Mektory !

    We know that our government has put more attention to innovation & Startup culture and expecting  the growth up to 15% of its annual turnover from this sector in coming years. It clearly shows the way our e-country is moving today with its tax credits to startup companies and with efficient and well admired  e-Tax Board where you can submit your tax return in just a few clicks!

    *The goal of the conference is to bring together  startup entrepreneurs, VC’s and angel investors to boost the expansion of the new smart-core businesses. Latitude59 is the official partner of  Estonian ICT Week. 

  • Estinve$ was born finally this morning

    Posted on October 27th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Work in process ..

     Yesss !!! It is Sunday and the very first Winter day, but what can You do if You just happen to wake up 5 a clock in the morning and the idea strokes your mind ??  Well, there are two options I suppose: First – You pertend like nothing has happened and You will try to get back to sleep OR You’ll wake up & JUST DO IT ! As traditional, I have chosen the last one and the result is here for You – A Brand new investment site for Angel investors, entrepreneurs & inventors – Estinve$  :)

    There is no proper logo yet or all those wistles and bells, but it does the job. So, Go and have a look & please get back to me with Your proposals !

    * I hope it does give an option also for poor inventors to improve their chances  for commercialization of their inventions ..