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  • Viitasaari Invention Show has inspired me once again!

    Posted on October 20th, 2014 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Inventor Hando Kruuv is setting up his Pendulum @Viitasaari arena night before the show …

    Inspiration is the keyword for any creative person on the planet Earth. But where to get it from ??? Surely Viitasaari Innovation & Technology show is one of those places where you can get inspired. Yes it is a little town in the middle of Finland where Winter is longer than Summer, but so what? It is all about people and it is about YOU having a chance to get inspired to see many inventors together, showing off their works. So it happened this year also as nearly 50 inventors gathered at Viitasaari Arena to inspire visitors and each other for 2 days ! Surely it is incourageing to see other out of box people’ doing their groovy stuff as it was a norm, but actually it is the progress in most cases what leads our World on and on.

    Team Estonia was at Viitasaari for the 3rd time, presenting: Chop-e  the electric minibike, well designed and assembled by estonians. Ropeye – the revolutionary technology for sailing boats to attach mastbase blocks, spinnaker sheet turning blocks, halyard terminals, footblocks and tie-downs. *Ropeye has already broken through to the Sailing World. The Greenfinger – Norwegian made indicator to alarm you about the need of watering your houseplants and  Hando Kruuv with his Pendulum from Tartu. Although we had much smaller team than last year, still there was fine estonian engineering and design on board.

    Maunu Korpela the executive director of is checking out the Chop-e

    & here is your humble reporter on the top of the 8th invention Show @ Viitasaari : )

    We had many inspireing inventors and inventions at the show but my special attention was at the oldest one of them – Hando Kruuv & his magic pendulum in vacuum chamber. The old master in age of 77 has come up with a something amusing & useful indeed which he calls: “The device for the measurement of internal and external forces to the Planet Earth”.   Well, I just call it  “Hando Kruuv Pendulum”  On his first public interview he mentioned that mankind has gone up to the space to observe other galaxies but not taking enough interest what is within the planet Earth and what really can influence our life. There are internal & external forces of the planet, which do affect the balance and can cause the earthquakes and various troubles. There is also the Moon and other planets nearby which do influence the Earth constantly. Hando also mentioned the end of calendar of Mayas and the fact that he has registered some unknown forces to our planet at the time. Well, it all can make our scientists furious, but surely they got to prove it now if Hando is wright or wrong. As long they have no such equipment invented themselves to measure those forces, it is likely to take a decade or more before they can say anything certain about it …

    Reception by the Mayor Janne Kinnunen @Viitasaari Town Council on  Friday, 10th October.

    Acknowledging the work of inventors, Viitasaari Town Council and Mayor invited all exhibitors to the reception & dinner at the town hall on Friday night. Surely it is the class on its own, showing the respect to those who can improve our everyday life and beyond.

    My Photos of the show can be seen at Invention News FB page 

    * Newstory and Videos were also made by the local TV channel – Nopolanews 🙂

  • The 1st Tartu Mini Maker Faire was a Hit !

    Posted on September 29th, 2014 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Who could of thought that instead of 50 makers we have 150 in the house! That’s what happened in Tartu last Friday, where all sorts of tech enthusiasts , design gurus & arty people gathered for the first  Mini Maker Faire  at Ahhaa Science Centre to show what they have got ! It was a bit lauzy start at 10am but full beam by 12 noon with the mainstream media and tabloids making their interviews & stories. As part of the team I also prepared for this since last spring asking many inventors to join the faire and so they did 🙂

    Tartu Maker Faire 2014 on full beam …

    After opening words by Andres Juur  Ahhaa project manager the show was on with workshops and intros at the main stage. We had many new inventors & makers on the board but also well known ones like and Timber Diameter + we had guest makers from Latvia, Sweden, Russia and even from USA. The latvian inventor Rims Vaitkus had brought his Wave Machine to the show and Rudolfs Drevinskis made incredible bird nests from the birchtree logs. Then we had our very own taylormade bike-masters :  Riho Leppik with his RixBikes , Raino Sinisalu & his unique Raybike and also hobby-inventor Allan Rosenberg with his electric  Chop-e  which got the eye of many visitors by its groovy design. Then we had the old master Gabriel Passov playing his Chord Viola at the stage with his band KAGB and Dr. Arved Vain checking out the muscles with his clever Myoton. There was also Kalev Essenson showing off his boat Cumulus , Aavo Murutalu taking photos with his 3D photoshop,  and Tartu Da Vinci Hando Kruuv introducing his brand-new Pendulum in Vacuum Chamber for the first time in publicFrom the arty ones got my eye Grafodroom girls & Ott Pilipenko, who had combined Skating board with the T-shirt printing facility …

    It surely was a superb place for all ages to discover the latest inventions & designs by  inventors , craftsman, robot-makers, engineers, science clubs and other free thinkers, who had come to show & sell their works. We had even Science Theatre at the place introducing the laws & tricks of physics. The peoples favourite maker or the winner of 2014 Tartu MMF was the game called “Kolm Elu”.  News story was made by the Postimees and photos were taken by Äripäev. TV interviews were collected by ERR  and by the brandnew channel 8  “Leiundusuudised”

    Tartu Mini Maker Faire as part of the Estonian Researchers’ Night Festival  gathered the makers from the Baltic States for the first time around. By the looks of it we might need a bit bigger house next year  😉