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  • Science Centre AHHAA can entertain You all day long !

    Posted on October 26th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    The rest is your imagination …

    If you are inventor or would like to be the one, then you really should visit the Science Centre AHHAA in the City of Tartu ! It is kind of A&B in physics, technology & medicine which explains simply how things work. It also leaves some caps for your imagination how things could be if YOU decide to invent something ;)

    There are many attractions at Ahhaa centre which can buzz your mind so that you are amaized how easy it is actually to confuze your brain and knock out your sense of balance. I must admit I was buzzed till the end of the day when I first visited Ahhaa Centre about a couple of weeks ago with our latvian inventor-friends. Now being there for the second time last Thursday I am still  buzzed by some of those tricks and by the fact that something wonderful like this has been created here in Estonia !

    Well done guys !! It is the perfect day out for a family or anyone who is interested in technology, medicine or physics.  

    Want to know more just Go :