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  • Estinve$ was born finally this morning

    Posted on October 27th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Work in process ..

     Yesss !!! It is Sunday and the very first Winter day, but what can You do if You just happen to wake up 5 a clock in the morning and the idea strokes your mind ??  Well, there are two options I suppose: First – You pertend like nothing has happened and You will try to get back to sleep OR You’ll wake up & JUST DO IT ! As traditional, I have chosen the last one and the result is here for You – A Brand new investment site for Angel investors, entrepreneurs & inventors – Estinve$  :)

    There is no proper logo yet or all those wistles and bells, but it does the job. So, Go and have a look & please get back to me with Your proposals !

    * I hope it does give an option also for poor inventors to improve their chances  for commercialization of their inventions ..

  • So, why I am doing this ?

    Posted on October 1st, 2010 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Quite a few people have asked me how did I come to the idea to make the “Estonian Inventor”. Well, my story is simple. I was looking for help to file my first invention in Estonia in 2004. I got some free expert advise from Estonian Patent Office at the time and that was good. But for a person who never studied engineering or law , this info was pretty tough to bite through. So I struggled and worked on this for the next 2 years before I was able to file my first patent, without paying anything to patent attorneys.  I was able to file the same patent in the UK and USA year later. It all made me wonder why there is no simple approach or web page out there to help common people with little funds like me. As all these and many other thoughts about inventing and IP were spinning in my head every single day I was looking for the place where I could possibly leave them. I made some comments in newspapers now and then, but that didn’t do the job. Finally I found blogging as the way out and I must admit it’s been working ever since ! I was surely inspired by “American Inventor” , which gave me the idea for my blog name. Luckily I did already knew what to do with it …

    My aim today is to help inventors and entrepreneurs around the World to find an easy access to free IP & patent information. I also recommend you to contact your patent office and patent attorney if you have funds available. But if you  have not, then do not be afraid – YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF ! For that just browse the top banner and sidebar of my blog and you can find out much more : )

    Another idea of my webpage is to introduce Estonian made inventions and the latest technologies that I notice on my journey.

    “Estonian Inventor” was established on the 20th March 2009 and has attracted nearly 4000 unique visitors from over 90 countries to date. The latest entry has just come from Vietnam this morning : )

    Today I represent  ’Estonian Inventors Association’ in the UK and also our little country at the British Innovation Expo in London 2010.

  • In footsteps of the Dragon

    Posted on August 31st, 2010 Mr. Leo Siemann 1 comment

    As I live in the UK and I have many British readers as well, I’d like to feature TV tycoon Mr. Peter Jones this time.  Peter , best known as one of the Dragon’s Den heavyweight entrepreneurs has founded The National Enterprise Academy. This is a superb challenge for youngsters in age of 16-19 to take early steps towards to business world and to became entrepreneurs. As we know some kids don’t do very well in so called traditional education. Perhaps your kid is an entrepreneur ? – suggests Peter and urges you to find out about it.  What can I say ? I wish I had this opportunity myself …

    Cheers Peter , It is a Great stuff you doing !

    Follow the Dragon >> &

  • and Dragons.

    Posted on August 23rd, 2010 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    The or former has been nominated as the best Estonian entrepreneurship booster in 2010 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Who does not know yet- this is the blog about the latest technology news and startups run by Express journalist Toivo Tänavsuu.

    Another good news is that BBC Dragons Den has started its 8th season. These 5 , hard to please and super-rich British entrepreneurs are looking for the next money making idea or invention. Who could please them and why ? Find out tonight @ BBC 2 , 9pm.

    Perhaps it is time for estonians to come and meet dragons here in Britain as our own dragons are flying about and not showing much of their presence and interest yet …

    Meet the Dragons  >>

  • Raising kids to be Entrepreneurs.

    Posted on July 30th, 2010 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    An excellent speech has been done by Cameron Herold @TEDxEdmonton and brought to us via Domain Name Wire. As far I know our communist and post-communist society has never supported that kind of activity . Perhaps things are about to change now. I really appreciate the idea that an Entrepreneur should be recognized as any other good profession, such as a lawer or a doctor. By the end of the day we need more people who have a vision and good will to work hard in order to establish these successful  corporations where many others could work for …  Take your time and enjoy – its 20 minutes long  :)