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  • Estonian Cyber Defence Unit

    Posted on January 21st, 2011 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Recent years have proved that cyber crime is a growing problem. As many other countries so have we experienced cyber attacks to our national media, banks and government sites. As usual our main concern is about Russian hackers , who have managed to damage our cyber-space in 2007 and also in the beginning of 2011. Damage has been counted in millions of euros.

    So, it is not a suprise why our state has decided to go one step further and create our national Cyber Defence Unit as Estonian Free press reveales :

  • Garage48 Helsinki is on now !

    Posted on January 16th, 2011 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    The boot-camp for startups – Garage48 is happening in Helsinki over this weekend. The latest updates are available at Facebook : and on Twitter : @garage48.

    I heard that Toivo from Test*market is out there as well and will be writing more comprehensive story about the event and its best startup services this time soon. Check it out !

    The homepage of  foundation is located at

  • Storm Info has been launched on Facebook

    Posted on December 31st, 2010 Mr. Leo Siemann 1 comment

    Although it is the very last hour of the year 2010 and most people are having a party , I would like to remind us that mother nature is full of magic! Estonia experienced the heaviest snowfall of this Winter 2 days ago with 75cm of white stuff * New York had its fare share’ just before and UK was white all-over week ago. Another snowstorm is on its way from South-Estonia to up North tomorrow … In order to help people who travel, sharing real-time information about roads and various places, TORMI-INFO page has been established on Facebook. Ones english cousin – UK STORM & FLOOD INFO was born about month later and is just 3 days old to date. Both pages work on public support getting information to the Web using Social Media over smartphones, tablets and PCs. If you happen to travel either of these countries, it is important to send us your feedback from your journey as it could help others to avoid traffic jams, to plan their routes better or just staying at home all together 🙂

    Have a safe and happy 2011 !

  • Garage 48 got its lights on !

    Posted on August 28th, 2010 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    A boot-camp style initiative to build new services in just 48hrs is taking place in Tartu, South-Estonia over this weekend. It started last night with presenting ideas from which best 17 have been chosen to get on with. The event attracts experts from IT , law , tech and VC sector. Garage 48 peaks with the new product demonstration on Sunday evening and there are still some places left to see the show : )  Quite few our latest startups have come from Garage 48 previous events and hopes are surely on this time as well : )

    Sneek through the door >>

  • Summer kicks in !

    Posted on July 19th, 2010 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Strawberries and cream, Claret Jug and St.Andrews, beach and Polo … British Summertime seems to be great this year indeed ! Not much rain either which makes it even more special : )  Who needs holidays abroad if our own summer is good as gold ?

    This weeks BBCs tech programme “Click” announced that due to new conservative government policies Britain is unable to achieve 2Mbit/s  as national internet speed standard by 2012. Obviously there are other priorities as recession may get worse and we got to tighten our belts even harder !

    As estonian, I must admit I am proud of our country who is aiming to 100Mbit/s internet speed standard by 2011. Also 4G mobile network has been tested successfully last Spring and its working in some places already  🙂   So, if you like fast internet and you would like to see the nation who has the most PCs per capita in the World – its good time to see it now ! Our beaches are nice & quiet and temperatures are soaring +30c.  So, better not wait too long as it may drop to -30c in six months time …