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  • Who needs .est domain?

    Posted on January 27th, 2018 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    .est © Leo Siemann 2010

    It does not happen every day when you get a million dollar idea but here is one indeed 🙂 – That’s where .est initiative is coming from. Actually, my first choice would of been – inventor.est – but it wasn’t available, so I registered in 2009 and I came up with the idea of the top level domain .est for Estonia in summer 2010. The proof of this proposal is at Eesti Päevaleht / 27.07.2010 / and that is the very first time where .est idea was mentioned in public. Most recently I made my second proposal of .est tld at Äripäev on 9th Jan. 2018 to raise public attention once again. 
    Estonian life is getting better but there are still many things which are not quite there yet. One of them is the respect of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). It is very much so that this attitude has been carried on by a few generations now from the Soviet times. Our schools have not picked up IPR as a subject much either which I advised them to do in Feb. 2010 at Postimees . As the result of this about 30% Estonian companies only are exploiting their IP Rights today which is way lower than in developed countries.

    The actual reason why I am writing this story is the fact that Estonian Internet Foundation has now adopted my proposal to exploit .est as a top level domain for Estonia. As it is financially a sound idea and in my opinion worth at least cool $10M, I would like to make a note of this in public. This perhaps could make Estonian Government officials more aware of how they should handle IP rights with private sector inventors & authors. I believe that a proper recognition of those people could change their lives for much better and also encourage the other inventors and creators to be inventive for their country. 

    I came up with .est top level domain idea in 2010 which is 2 years before the Google made its claim to ICANN to acquire .est  and 5 years earlier than dutch designer Peter Kentie came up with his brilliant EST concept to Brand Estonia  So yes, I can claim that I was the first one who said it out in public and so I am the author or at least the initiator of .est top level domain idea. Of course it could be arguable by some gov people as ICANN has its protected ISO list, but let me ask what has taken to Estonia for so long then? I mean 27 years to proceed on this brilliant idea since we declared our independence in 1991? Clearly there has been no interest or understanding of a commercial top level domain .est at the state level.

    EST consept by Peter Kentie since 2015

    Here ere are some samples how to use .est domain: smart.est , cool.est , fast.est, bio.est and 1918.est  There are also many more meanings of EST by Wikipedia which makes it even more appealing for many people around the globe.

    As I mentioned earlier Estonia has its priority to EST already by the ICANN rule since 1986 and by ISO 3166-1 standard since 1974, unyet .est domain idea has never been exploited or even spoken out at public till I did it in 2010. Still, I have no chance to get on with my idea unless Estonian state gives up its priority to my Estonian company. Therefore I wrote a letter to the Entrepreneurship and IT minister  Urve Palo and recommended that our state should proceed with .est domain soon. I also asked their cover letter for my claim to ICANN if Estonian State has no interest of .est domain. Doing so, I literally handed over my $10M idea to the state for nothing. But as the initiator of this I believe I still deserve some credit, say at least 10% of shares / net profit and a proper recognition of my works as authors do, explaining it early and twice why .est is good domain for Estonia. Surely, It is not just about making money but also about raising Estonia’s profile on internet. 
    * As we know it is still early days as Estonia has not asked for it and ICANN has not released .est either. So, whats next? Shall I take the state to the court for being lazy? Perhaps not, but I would like to report about this case at public domain and let everyone know whats going on in my point of view. 
    Finally, if Estonian State does not proceed with .est top level domain, I will coz I believe it is important for my country and people. 

    Leo Siemann
    Estonian Inventor
    * The full story in estonian can be found at my homepage  Eesti Leiutaja