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  • My Story

    Posted on February 23rd, 2014 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Yeah, it will be 5 years soon from the day I launched my homepage while I was living with my lovely wife & daughter Charlotte in the UK. It all happened in a rocky seaside town called Torquay which is the heart of the English Riviera , well known by its history and nightlife. Honestly this place is full of legends from the past like Charles Darwin, Agatha Christie, Isaac Singer, I.K. Brunel, Thomas Newcomen and many others. I must admit it is the most inspirational place on the planet Earth I ever lived in my entire life.

    As many of yours, so did my parents divorce which I found hard to overcome. But life went on & so did I. After passing Oisu Primary School with flying colours I graduated Kuusalu High School in 1992 and then Tallinn Medical College in 1996 as Military Assistant Doctor. I practised in various hospitals & military field for few years before I left for the UK where I lived 12 wonderful years in total. Now, England really got me as I experienced & learned a lot in those years. I learned how to play tennis & golf, I studied sports medicine, I worked, I got married & we made a business. Also I was a keen member of local poetry club & writers club at St.Marychurch Torquay. After graduating as a Sports-Massage Therapist at South Devon College in 2001, I had a luck to work with some of the finest sportsman in the World. My massage clients included 4 World champions & 2 Olympic gold medalists. But that wasn’t my final call as yet as you might of thought …

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  • History has been Made

    Posted on December 21st, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Professor & inventor Mart Min told us about his works

    The first ever Estonian Inventors Conference was held at Mektory, Tallinn University of Technology campus on Friday the 13th December 2013. Now this is a  serious stuff as within 20 years of freedom no such conference has been made! Let me ask Why? I guess reasons are obvious: Post-communist back does not encourage people to invent or to be creative individually but tells them to get a good job and obey the system instead. So this is not yet as trendy to be inventor or entrepreneur over here. The other reason is fact that the Estonian Inventors Association  which is connecting independent inventors, has been performing low core and there are no funds in place to support such kind activity. It is almost expected that if you are serious inventor you must invent the money making machine first and then all other things on the top of that ! Apparently this is not the practice of the most innovative countries in the World today. All of them have made some serious investments to their public sector first, like Japan, Switzerland or Sweden who has the oldest inventors association in the World today …

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  • Finnish invention news magazine “KeksintöUutiset” will be released for Estonian readers on 7th June 2013.

    Posted on June 1st, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    First I must praise finns for presenting our inventors at the international stage. Secondly, I am cross and also rather sad that Estonia who is claiming to be a innovative country has not managed to write the word “inventor” into its economical growth strategy for years 2014-2020. It is hard to imagine how one could raise its level of innovation & growth without inventors. Therefore I will continue my work with our good neighbours & I will present their invention magazine for Estonian public soon :

    * The official homepages for our associations are : &

  • Potholes of IP’ need a Good fix in Estonia !

    Posted on March 30th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Ain’t no secret that our national patent numbers are many times lower per capita compared to developed countries. Most obvious reason for that is perhaps our post-communist backround, whish is still somehow holding us back to the tradition that all is common. Yes, it is pretty much the same in all over Eastern-Europe. Our situation just seems to be even more awkward as the number of startups over here is one of the highest ! Unyet, we do not have a decent Intellectual Property law or any IP strategy for coming years  + we are missing the structure to support a small but active number of inventors in our country. So, the reality is this :  if an independent inventor is doing well, he or she is almost forced to leave the country as the support he gets here is next to nothing ! For that reason I AM IN & working for my fellow inventors to get those “potholes of IP” fixed, so at least the next generation could have the legacy.

    Our little team standing at the Houses of Parliament last Wednesday: Leo, Raino, Kalle & Aavo : )

    We, as the Estonian Inventors Association , were honoured to be invited by Social Democrats to the Houses of Parliament’ last Wednesday. Our discussion was constructive and hopefully things can move on from this point. As the Ministry of Justice is  currently working on the new IP law, we got to keep our breath till the end of the year in good hope that those essential needs of our  inventors will be considered in between those lines. Unfortunately our Association, which is old as the Republic of Estonia, is not invited to take part of those discussions although we present around 25% of our national patents /pa. This kind of situation is non acceptable and therefore I will personally make sure that once this law gets to the Houses of Parilament’ – we have our say.

    It seems that two biggest shortcomings in Estonia are the lack of communications & ignorance, which is actually holding us back from the real progress.

  • Estonia takes first steps in IP crisis

    Posted on August 15th, 2012 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    World Intellectual Property Office © 2012

    Many things have changed for good since we regained our independence 20 years ago, but still there are things that have remained pretty much the same. One of them is how Intellectual Property (IP) rights have been handled by our government institutions and universities.

    There is no surprise that Estonian people in general do not know what is the matter. Perhaps it comes from the fact that our schools do not teach people about their IP rights. It is also a common practice that our engineers do not know how to file patents and most of our universities claim their IP rights 100% , leaving no rights to actual inventors. This kind of behavior is damaging our state. It is understandable that we are coming from  the communist era and so these matters have not found its ground yet. Therefore people of Estonia have not recognized the full importance and potential of IP rights in private equaty and also in their lives in general.

    Yes, we have one of the most liberated countries in the World today where freedom of speech is appreciated. But on the other hand we are still held back by the remains of Soviet time. Marketing guru Aarne Toomsalu has commented recently that Estonian growth is far below potential due to ignorant IP policies and lack of world class marketing experts in our state …

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  • Estonia takes home 1 Gold & 2 Bronze from Stockholm !

    Posted on October 14th, 2011 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Inventor Nina Ignatius and me testing Myoton Pro at Stockholm ...

    It was really good to be at Swedish Inventors Association 125 Anniversary Show in Stockholm last week. We had more than 80 inventors from 17 countries presenting over 100 inventions ! Swedish people looked after us well and the Show was a Great success ! I saw some simple inventions and some really complicated ones.  Our box contained just 3 of those : Adjustable Reed by Kadi Pajupuu , Microgenerator EHF “Micro Fa” by Valeri Aljas and “Myoton Pro” by Myoton AS.  Although we missed the Awards due to late registration , we still got medals to take home :) which was decided by the jury made of participating countries.  The Gold medal came for the “Myoton Pro” , bronze for “MicroFa” and another bronze for our display.

    Congratulations to the winners and Big Thanx to all our supporters !!

    The 5th International Invention Show dedicated to the year of  Chemistry, will be held by the Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers in Warsaw from 3-5th November 2011.

  • Swedish Inventors Association celebrates 125 years !

    Posted on September 26th, 2011 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Our good friends in Sweden have come a long long way. Swedish Inventors Association was founded by famous inventor and balloonist Salomon August Andrée in 1886. That makes it the oldest its kind in the whole World ! As this is a special time for our friends , the event is going to be grand as well !

    Inventors from all around are expected to participate at the Innovation Fair in Stockholm from 4-7th October. And so is Estonian Inventors Association , who is going to present MYOTON at this time. This novel and non-invasive muscle diagnostic technology has been originally invented by Dr. Arved Vain from the University of Tartu.  Dr. Vain also served as a Chairman of the Council and main developer of Myoton earlier versions. The latest patent filing for “Myoton Pro” includes 5 men team from which Mr. Aleko Peipsi , the CEO of  Myoton AS has the leading role.  We believe Myoton has got what it takes to be one of the inventions for the future.

    The Show has been organised by Swedish Inventors Association and by IFIA – International Federation of  Inventors Associations. It is expected to be a major international Innovation Fair.

    More news :