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  • Creator Stamp can turn a new page in IP filing history

    Posted on February 5th, 2016 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments


    Just imagine filing your Intellectual Property rights from your desktop, tab or mobile device in few minutes. How much easier would that make a life of all creative people? Honestly, miles and days! Well, this is not just a dream any more but about to happen as a company called Creator Stamp  will launch its low cost web app soon .

    Yes, It has been a while since none dare not to touch this holy old cow’ till last autumn when Rio based estonian designer & photographer Martin Lazarev had enough of this old system and came up with a new alternative concept of  ”Inventors Proof Signature”Being very much in a need of such solution himself almost every single day he just invented  more convinient way for saving up his creative works.

    Martin contacted me soon after to ask my advice on his cracking idea and if I would join with him. As I already had been thinking of release my new web app on something similar I understood immediately that we are on the same road. So I took a little time to think about it and replied to him; “Lets do it, but with a twist or broader approach to all creators like copywrighters, musicians, scientists, architects, artists and all the others who are also in need of something like this before they even talk to their workmates or investors or publish their works!” And so we started the company from this sparkle in Autumn 2015.

    The method of  ”Creator Stamp” has been filed also as an old school’ patent but through this something new will emerge very soon. Actually, it would not replace the old complicated and rather expensive patent system but will give an alternative way to file your IP and also to prove it in disputes if needed, using your ID card or e-residency via encrypted server or Blockchain technology. There are some companies out there who do file saving on blockchain already, but as far we know, nobody has done it via state proved e-residency or ID card system yet and Creator Stamp is just about to do that.

    In order to get a top-notch service we are working closely with governmental institutions, e-Residency Team, Patent Office and with one of the best web developing companies in Estonia.


    * Update 31st March 2016 : The Creator Stamp project has been called off  because of too expensive development and server costs. Alternative service is available via 

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  • The essence of IP in modern economy

    Posted on May 13th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Well, this is something that one could write about in his Ph.D graduation work , I suppose …  As I never graduated any universities, I just take it as  my homework  :)  But don’t you worry – I would not go for a long as I like to crack this nut real’ fast 4 you !

    Yes, you can go through various figures and long line of numbers to explain the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) for economical growth. The WIPO Director Kamil Idris has  done so 10 years ago giving a rather good explanation in his brief report.

    © US Patent Office

    I will cut this short for you:  Nearly all of the top 10 companies in this World are coming from the US. The major value is not in their factories or warehouses but in their IP portfolios. Actually IP makes around 80% of their total market value. Furthermore, in 2003 US had 4700 staff members working for its Patent offices with the total budget of $863 M and these numbers have been growing since. The trend shows very well how modern economy  stands on IP rights in developed World. For example the giant Microsoft has more than 31 000 patents on his name ! If  you ask why – the answer is simple: To hold  the lead. Yes, there are way too many patent trolls‘ & lawsuits about, but that’s the World for us today – If one does well – the others are about ! So if your patent is strong enough you are likely to meet the big corporation at the court ! And if you happen to win, only then you will be a millionaire…  Surely there is no easy way out for the private inventor. First you got to invent and then you GOT TO protect all your IP rights really well to be able to go anywhere. Would that change for us in the near future – it’s hard to tell … 












    * If you need a consultation about your IP or invention idea , please do not hesitate to contact to me. 


  • Estonia takes first steps in IP crisis

    Posted on August 15th, 2012 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    World Intellectual Property Office © 2012

    Many things have changed for good since we regained our independence 20 years ago, but still there are things that have remained pretty much the same. One of them is how Intellectual Property (IP) rights have been handled by our government institutions and universities.

    There is no surprise that Estonian people in general do not know what is the matter. Perhaps it comes from the fact that our schools do not teach people about their IP rights. It is also a common practice that our engineers do not know how to file patents and most of our universities claim their IP rights 100% , leaving no rights to actual inventors. This kind of behavior is damaging our state. It is understandable that we are coming from  the communist era and so these matters have not found its ground yet. Therefore people of Estonia have not recognized the full importance and potential of IP rights in private equaty and also in their lives in general.

    Yes, we have one of the most liberated countries in the World today where freedom of speech is appreciated. But on the other hand we are still held back by the remains of Soviet time. Marketing guru Aarne Toomsalu has commented recently that Estonian growth is far below potential due to ignorant IP policies and lack of world class marketing experts in our state …

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  • So, why I am doing this ?

    Posted on October 1st, 2010 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Quite a few people have asked me how did I come to the idea to make the “Estonian Inventor”. Well, my story is simple. I was looking for help to file my first invention in Estonia in 2004. I got some free expert advise from Estonian Patent Office at the time and that was good. But for a person who never studied engineering or law , this info was pretty tough to bite through. So I struggled and worked on this for the next 2 years before I was able to file my first patent, without paying anything to patent attorneys.  I was able to file the same patent in the UK and USA year later. It all made me wonder why there is no simple approach or web page out there to help common people with little funds like me. As all these and many other thoughts about inventing and IP were spinning in my head every single day I was looking for the place where I could possibly leave them. I made some comments in newspapers now and then, but that didn’t do the job. Finally I found blogging as the way out and I must admit it’s been working ever since ! I was surely inspired by “American Inventor” , which gave me the idea for my blog name. Luckily I did already knew what to do with it …

    My aim today is to help inventors and entrepreneurs around the World to find an easy access to free IP & patent information. I also recommend you to contact your patent office and patent attorney if you have funds available. But if you  have not, then do not be afraid – YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF ! For that just browse the top banner and sidebar of my blog and you can find out much more : )

    Another idea of my webpage is to introduce Estonian made inventions and the latest technologies that I notice on my journey.

    “Estonian Inventor” was established on the 20th March 2009 and has attracted nearly 4000 unique visitors from over 90 countries to date. The latest entry has just come from Vietnam this morning : )

    Today I represent  ’Estonian Inventors Association’ in the UK and also our little country at the British Innovation Expo in London 2010.