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  • The 1st Cyberolympic Games for students were held @ Estonian IT College

    Posted on February 16th, 2015 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    The word “Cyber” is increasingly important in both civil and war terms. Therefore Estonia is taking steps further in cyber security. First of all we train people for those extraordinary jobs and then we test them also :)  A great initiative has come from Estonian Information Technology College who invited students for the first Cyberolympic Games in Europe last Saturday, 14th February.

    The event was opened by Kusti Salm, rep of Estonia to NATO and by  the Chief of Cyber Range CPT Uko Valtenberg. After 8 hours intensive defending of computer systems from the Pineapplian Empire’ winners were next :

    1. Jaanus Kääp, Estonian Information Technology College, Development of IT systems

    2. Henri Ots, Estonian Information Technology College, Administration of IT systems

    3. Andres Elliku, Tallinn University of Technology, Cyberdefence


    There were 21 olympians participating in total including one lady. Event was supported by the Estonian Ministry of Defence, Tallinn University of Technology, Guardtime, ByteLife Solutions, Sisco Systems, and the cyber security company Vequrity.

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  • Looking back to TehnoHack 2014

    Posted on November 15th, 2014 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    The first TehnoHack, organized by Skeemipesa @Mektory TUT was a successful event with more than 150 participants from 8 countries. Here is my interview with one of the organizers Tanel Kerstna for you:

    Final results of those 15 teams which started on Friday 24th October can be seen at Skeemipesa homepage . As confirmed by the manager of the event Heigo Mölder there will be second TehnoHack coming up next year indeed  :)

    * And this my dear friends was also the very first time when Invention News was aired in public.

  • All Eyes On Us

    Posted on June 1st, 2014 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    The NEA Venture Capitalists @Tehnopol, Tallinn

    It might be a little hyped, but surely there are reasons why Estonia has been on the top of the World tech news again. This time it was the BusinessVibes  who wrote about us as the Startup Paradise. Why I’m not surprised is the fact that since I’ve been back to Estonia from 2011, I have met people almost every day who are doing some groovy tech stuff, specially in the digital world.

    US Embassy & American Chamber of Commerce called us together to Tehnopol last Thursday to meet the NEA Venture Capitalists with Yanev Suissa and Alex Oppenheimer on board. The NEA is apparently the Worlds biggest VC firm who has been investing into tech & healthcare more than $11Bn. Is it still the legacy of Skype or just the growing number of startups that has got their eye is hard to say, but probably it’s a bit of both.  So we were sitting there with megabux in the house and listening their advice how to attract big VC company and comments on the pitching contest of top 7 new startups selected by AmCham. Startups were interesting as usual and it seemed that 2 or 3 of them got their eye indeed. Winners were:  DigiFLAK , MRPEasy and Chief Financial Wizard. My personal favoutie was actually the , which helps you to check out if goods you are buying are real brands and not a counterfeit ones! The app is free to download already & I guess China would love it …

    * As myself I managed to launch the Invention News channel and that was a very first public appearance for us. The show will air weekly @ brandnew TV8starting from the end of June.  Our news-studio is located at the UK Lounge, Tehnopol, wich is the very same place where event was held but more news on this – next time ;)

    Photos & comments on the workshop  can be found @ AmCham Facebook page

  • My Story

    Posted on February 23rd, 2014 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Yeah, it will be 5 years soon from the day I launched my homepage while I was living with my lovely wife & daughter Charlotte in the UK. It all happened in a rocky seaside town called Torquay which is the heart of the English Riviera , well known by its history and nightlife. Honestly this place is full of legends from the past like Charles Darwin, Agatha Christie, Isaac Singer, I.K. Brunel, Thomas Newcomen and many others. I must admit it is the most inspirational place on the planet Earth I ever lived in my entire life.

    As many of yours, so did my parents divorce which I found hard to overcome. But life went on & so did I. After passing Oisu Primary School with flying colours I graduated Kuusalu High School in 1992 and then Tallinn Medical College in 1996 as Military Assistant Doctor. I practised in various hospitals & military field for few years before I left for the UK where I lived 12 wonderful years in total. Now, England really got me as I experienced & learned a lot in those years. I learned how to play tennis & golf, I studied sports medicine, I worked, I got married & we made a business. Also I was a keen member of local poetry club & writers club at St.Marychurch Torquay. After graduating as a Sports-Massage Therapist at South Devon College in 2001, I had a luck to work with some of the finest sportsman in the World. My massage clients included 4 World champions & 2 Olympic gold medalists. But that wasn’t my final call as yet as you might of thought …

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