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  • Your idea – My expertise

    Posted on January 17th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    After 3 years of voluntary work with independent inventors I have come to recognition that it is time to re-value my presence. So, from now on I have my company & there is a little fee  for my service, but nothing major. Mainly because I could continue what I have been doing so far – consulting people about their ideas & intellectual property rights  (IPR) including prototype making, publications, exhibitions & commercialisation of the invention. There is a lot to learn & share and surely not as easy as it looks.

    Anyways, I do get letters from around the Globe & people ask me all sorts of questions about their inventions. My job is to understand the stage of the idea or invention and also to specify needs, so they can move on to make their dreams come true !

    In that way I am  the Angel of inventors , giving them simple, yet a special advice what to do next.  If you are one of those people with a great idea on your hand – then you can write to me also or even meet me in person!  My email is: . I promise, I will keep your idea confidential.  You even do not have to tell me exactly what is your invention – I can still help you to move on  - Yes, it is possible indeed  :o)

    Happy inventing ! 

  • What is your Dream ?

    Posted on January 4th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments


    Photo by dtail on Facebook

    Happy New Year folkes !

    The beginning of the year is always good time to see what people have promised to themselves & to the others.

    Most of us who would like to achieve anything have experienced critisizm and even bulling in some stage of their lives. So have I. Interesting thing is that most commonly its coming from your close ones – friends & family… But somehow this all can make you stronger to break the ice & succeed finally.

    I have noticed a little picture by dtail on Facebook about some people who have been just like that ! I hope this can encourage you to dream on and work on to achieve what you have been called for.

    This is your chance – make the most of it  &  never ever give up your dream  !!

  • So, why I am doing this ?

    Posted on October 1st, 2010 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Quite a few people have asked me how did I come to the idea to make the “Estonian Inventor”. Well, my story is simple. I was looking for help to file my first invention in Estonia in 2004. I got some free expert advise from Estonian Patent Office at the time and that was good. But for a person who never studied engineering or law , this info was pretty tough to bite through. So I struggled and worked on this for the next 2 years before I was able to file my first patent, without paying anything to patent attorneys.  I was able to file the same patent in the UK and USA year later. It all made me wonder why there is no simple approach or web page out there to help common people with little funds like me. As all these and many other thoughts about inventing and IP were spinning in my head every single day I was looking for the place where I could possibly leave them. I made some comments in newspapers now and then, but that didn’t do the job. Finally I found blogging as the way out and I must admit it’s been working ever since ! I was surely inspired by “American Inventor” , which gave me the idea for my blog name. Luckily I did already knew what to do with it …

    My aim today is to help inventors and entrepreneurs around the World to find an easy access to free IP & patent information. I also recommend you to contact your patent office and patent attorney if you have funds available. But if you  have not, then do not be afraid – YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF ! For that just browse the top banner and sidebar of my blog and you can find out much more : )

    Another idea of my webpage is to introduce Estonian made inventions and the latest technologies that I notice on my journey.

    “Estonian Inventor” was established on the 20th March 2009 and has attracted nearly 4000 unique visitors from over 90 countries to date. The latest entry has just come from Vietnam this morning : )

    Today I represent  ’Estonian Inventors Association’ in the UK and also our little country at the British Innovation Expo in London 2010.

  • The Industrial Abuse

    Posted on August 2nd, 2010 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    It just came to my attention how we inventors have been treated by industry few days ago. I was reading the comment at IP Network made  by Nawab Ikramullah Khan, realizing what sort of role industry still plays in this game.

    We are all familiar with contracts where employer says that – in case you create or invent something during your working time  - it belongs to them. How nice ! I am going an extra mile to improve their crap system or tool and they claim rights on it and making millions out of me ! Basically industry treats the inventor like one of is industrial properties. Just like machinery or cattle or materials. Say , you are working at recycling plant today and happen to invent something :)  Dont forget you are just like the material they use to produce the heat from. It is called a rubbish. You have no rights to your creation , not even 50:50, just nothing !! Now this is what I call the Industrial Abuse.

    First steps to stop it have made by British inventor Trevor Baylis  last year. Trevor wrote the letter to Birtish Government to consider the matter that inventors have no equal rights with industry. In fact they are in much worse situation all over. Example if your wrights have been infringed by industry – it is YOU who has to take them to the court ! And to make it worse, lets say their lawer was better than yours and you happen to loose the case !  - You will pay all the fees and also you will loose your invention on the top of it !  Now, can anyone clear up this mess ??