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  • The essence of IP in modern economy

    Posted on May 13th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Well, this is something that one could write about in his Ph.D graduation work , I suppose …  As I never graduated any universities, I just take it as  my homework  :)  But don’t you worry – I would not go for a long as I like to crack this nut real’ fast 4 you !

    Yes, you can go through various figures and long line of numbers to explain the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) for economical growth. The WIPO Director Kamil Idris has  done so 10 years ago giving a rather good explanation in his brief report.

    © US Patent Office

    I will cut this short for you:  Nearly all of the top 10 companies in this World are coming from the US. The major value is not in their factories or warehouses but in their IP portfolios. Actually IP makes around 80% of their total market value. Furthermore, in 2003 US had 4700 staff members working for its Patent offices with the total budget of $863 M and these numbers have been growing since. The trend shows very well how modern economy  stands on IP rights in developed World. For example the giant Microsoft has more than 31 000 patents on his name ! If  you ask why – the answer is simple: To hold  the lead. Yes, there are way too many patent trolls‘ & lawsuits about, but that’s the World for us today – If one does well – the others are about ! So if your patent is strong enough you are likely to meet the big corporation at the court ! And if you happen to win, only then you will be a millionaire…  Surely there is no easy way out for the private inventor. First you got to invent and then you GOT TO protect all your IP rights really well to be able to go anywhere. Would that change for us in the near future – it’s hard to tell … 












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  • Remarkable construction of the engine by Georgi Vassiljev

    Posted on March 4th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    We know how electric cars were turned down in America in 1930s. We also know the reason why –  because of the boom in oil industry. As fossil energy is running out now We need more eco-engines and way more alternative energy to run our motobikes, cars & boats. But how to achieve that? Some have made it  already, but still a lot more progress needs to be done !

    Retired engineer Georgi Vassiljev from Tallinn has come up with the solution, which is so simple, fast & small that can well beat the existing 4-stroke engines by its power and also by the production cost ! From Today Georgi is searching for a manufacturing company, which could produce his engine in good quality and quantity. Therefore I have come to help Georgi to find this company and I have published a part of his patent (PCT) first, to get the attention of top-notch manufacturer. If you seize it as your opportunity for the further innovation and possible lead on the market, please contact to me very soon by email:

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  • Estonia takes home 1 Gold & 2 Bronze from Stockholm !

    Posted on October 14th, 2011 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Inventor Nina Ignatius and me testing Myoton Pro at Stockholm ...

    It was really good to be at Swedish Inventors Association 125 Anniversary Show in Stockholm last week. We had more than 80 inventors from 17 countries presenting over 100 inventions ! Swedish people looked after us well and the Show was a Great success ! I saw some simple inventions and some really complicated ones.  Our box contained just 3 of those : Adjustable Reed by Kadi Pajupuu , Microgenerator EHF “Micro Fa” by Valeri Aljas and “Myoton Pro” by Myoton AS.  Although we missed the Awards due to late registration , we still got medals to take home :) which was decided by the jury made of participating countries.  The Gold medal came for the “Myoton Pro” , bronze for “MicroFa” and another bronze for our display.

    Congratulations to the winners and Big Thanx to all our supporters !!

    The 5th International Invention Show dedicated to the year of  Chemistry, will be held by the Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers in Warsaw from 3-5th November 2011.

  • and Dragons.

    Posted on August 23rd, 2010 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    The or former has been nominated as the best Estonian entrepreneurship booster in 2010 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Who does not know yet- this is the blog about the latest technology news and startups run by Express journalist Toivo Tänavsuu.

    Another good news is that BBC Dragons Den has started its 8th season. These 5 , hard to please and super-rich British entrepreneurs are looking for the next money making idea or invention. Who could please them and why ? Find out tonight @ BBC 2 , 9pm.

    Perhaps it is time for estonians to come and meet dragons here in Britain as our own dragons are flying about and not showing much of their presence and interest yet …

    Meet the Dragons  >>

  • The Industrial Abuse

    Posted on August 2nd, 2010 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    It just came to my attention how we inventors have been treated by industry few days ago. I was reading the comment at IP Network made  by Nawab Ikramullah Khan, realizing what sort of role industry still plays in this game.

    We are all familiar with contracts where employer says that – in case you create or invent something during your working time  - it belongs to them. How nice ! I am going an extra mile to improve their crap system or tool and they claim rights on it and making millions out of me ! Basically industry treats the inventor like one of is industrial properties. Just like machinery or cattle or materials. Say , you are working at recycling plant today and happen to invent something :)  Dont forget you are just like the material they use to produce the heat from. It is called a rubbish. You have no rights to your creation , not even 50:50, just nothing !! Now this is what I call the Industrial Abuse.

    First steps to stop it have made by British inventor Trevor Baylis  last year. Trevor wrote the letter to Birtish Government to consider the matter that inventors have no equal rights with industry. In fact they are in much worse situation all over. Example if your wrights have been infringed by industry – it is YOU who has to take them to the court ! And to make it worse, lets say their lawer was better than yours and you happen to loose the case !  - You will pay all the fees and also you will loose your invention on the top of it !  Now, can anyone clear up this mess ??