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  • Estonian Invention Show 2018 had a successful launch

    Posted on October 16th, 2018 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments


    This was the first time when such a western show concept was introduced to Estonia. We had real inventors presenting their real inventions to the public and telling their stories at the stage. We also had guest speakers : EU Patent attorney Margus Sarap and FINF director and IPR expert Maunu Korpela from Finland.

    Gold medals were presented in 10 different categories and Public Award was given to inventor Jason Munro from England.



     Gold medals were given in 10 Categories :

    1. ENVIRONMENT –  Hydrogen cell for combust engines – Ecomotus Ltd / UK – Jason Munro

    2. CATASTROPHE –  Impulse Fire Extinguisher – Pulstech OÜ  – Allan Ventsel, Kalle Köömnemägi, Ardo Pärna and prof. Vladimir Zakhmatov

    3. MEDICAL – Microgenerator EHF – Valeri Aljas

    4. HOUSEHOLD – Fish Scaler – Hando Kruuv

    5. MUSIC – Chord Viola – Gabriel Passov

    6. LEISURE – Cumulus boat – Kalev Essenson

    7. CREATIVE DESIGN – Pearl Embroidery – Siret Esko

    8. BEST MATERIAL – Carbon Composites – Erismet OÜ – Ben Einborn and Rinaldo Olberg

    9. WORK WITH THE NEXT GENERATION  – National Contest for Young Inventors – Estonian Research Council – Margit Lehis

    10. CREATIVE SOLUTION  –  Arcallia – Kalle Köömnemägi and Veiko Huuse

    There were many more inventions presented at the show with working prototypes like magnetic motor by Raivo Pennaste and Anni Vahter, Biofor by Valeri Aljas, and a vertical windmill with recycled airplane wings by Ardo Pärna. Still, It is not so easy to engage public and media for a such a show. As we know 2-3% inventions can be commercially viable only. Therefore a startup or the tech show can attract more people as many things are working by then already. Regarding to invention, prototype is a very early and raw stage and needs to be tested many more times before the viable product can be made. Still, it is a great chance to meet inventors who are the original source of novelty. If we encourage those people and inspire public then society becomes more inventive and entrepreneurial and that will improve our technology and economy overall.

    Estonian Invention Show 2018 was supported by entrepreneur Veiko Huuse and  Arcallia which is a great platform for all inventors. To learn more about it please go to their homepage :  I hope that Estonian state and the City Council of Tallinn can support the show one day as well.

    Here is my interview with FINF executive director Maunu Korpela : “Private inventors vs companies”

    The second one is with Gold medalists and Public Award winners Jason Munro and Indrek Hallikmäe from Ecomotus Ltd. /

    * The story was written and interviews taken by Leo Siemann.

  • Who needs .est domain?

    Posted on January 27th, 2018 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    .est © Leo Siemann 2010

    It does not happen every day when you get a million dollar idea but here is one indeed 🙂 – That’s where .est initiative is coming from. Actually, my first choice would of been – inventor.est – but it wasn’t available, so I registered in 2009 and I came up with the idea of the top level domain .est for Estonia in summer 2010. The proof of this proposal is at Eesti Päevaleht / 27.07.2010 / and that is the very first time where .est idea was mentioned in public. Most recently I made my second proposal of .est tld at Äripäev on 9th Jan. 2018 to raise public attention once again. 
    Estonian life is getting better but there are still many things which are not quite there yet. One of them is the respect of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). It is very much so that this attitude has been carried on by a few generations now from the Soviet times. Our schools have not picked up IPR as a subject much either which I advised them to do in Feb. 2010 at Postimees . As the result of this about 30% Estonian companies only are exploiting their IP Rights today which is way lower than in developed countries.

    The actual reason why I am writing this story is the fact that Estonian Internet Foundation has now adopted my proposal to exploit .est as a top level domain for Estonia. As it is financially a sound idea and in my opinion worth at least cool $10M, I would like to make a note of this in public. This perhaps could make Estonian Government officials more aware of how they should handle IP rights with private sector inventors & authors. I believe that a proper recognition of those people could change their lives for much better and also encourage the other inventors and creators to be inventive for their country. 

    I came up with .est top level domain idea in 2010 which is 2 years before the Google made its claim to ICANN to acquire .est  and 5 years earlier than dutch designer Peter Kentie came up with his brilliant EST concept to Brand Estonia  So yes, I can claim that I was the first one who said it out in public and so I am the author or at least the initiator of .est top level domain idea. Of course it could be arguable by some gov people as ICANN has its protected ISO list, but let me ask what has taken to Estonia for so long then? I mean 27 years to proceed on this brilliant idea since we declared our independence in 1991? Clearly there has been no interest or understanding of a commercial top level domain .est at the state level.

    EST consept by Peter Kentie since 2015

    Here ere are some samples how to use .est domain: smart.est , cool.est , fast.est, bio.est and 1918.est  There are also many more meanings of EST by Wikipedia which makes it even more appealing for many people around the globe.

    As I mentioned earlier Estonia has its priority to EST already by the ICANN rule since 1986 and by ISO 3166-1 standard since 1974, unyet .est domain idea has never been exploited or even spoken out at public till I did it in 2010. Still, I have no chance to get on with my idea unless Estonian state gives up its priority to my Estonian company. Therefore I wrote a letter to the Entrepreneurship and IT minister  Urve Palo and recommended that our state should proceed with .est domain soon. I also asked their cover letter for my claim to ICANN if Estonian State has no interest of .est domain. Doing so, I literally handed over my $10M idea to the state for nothing. But as the initiator of this I believe I still deserve some credit, say at least 10% of shares / net profit and a proper recognition of my works as authors do, explaining it early and twice why .est is good domain for Estonia. Surely, It is not just about making money but also about raising Estonia’s profile on internet. 
    * As we know it is still early days as Estonia has not asked for it and ICANN has not released .est either. So, whats next? Shall I take the state to the court for being lazy? Perhaps not, but I would like to report about this case at public domain and let everyone know whats going on in my point of view. 
    Finally, if Estonian State does not proceed with .est top level domain, I will coz I believe it is important for my country and people. 

    Leo Siemann
    Estonian Inventor
    * The full story in estonian can be found at my homepage  Eesti Leiutaja
  • Amuzing as always – The British Invention Show 2017

    Posted on November 10th, 2017 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    The BIS 2017 was held at Barbican Exhibition Hall in London, same place as last year. The first difference I’ve noticed was Banksy art at the wall right opposite the front door 🙂 The next one was that international number of inventors had risen compared to previous year and number of British inventors was a little less , say 1/4 th only. Exhibition was groovy as always. I saw very simple inventions and complicated ones. The youngest inventor at the show was 12 years old Sarah from London with her LollySpin, the flashiest was Paul A. Sparrow with his  X-Pro Tools , the sharpest was Martin Chard with his Marxman pen , the furthest South-Korean Electrical Corporation Inventors with their Cable Failure Detection and Line Finder and  the coolest for me personally were National Defence University of Malaysia professors with their inventions Bamboocrete and  How to make the Hydrogen out of Algi.  Yes, there was lots to see and discover and surely we will go back to the show next year. To prove that here is well educational interview with the english inventor Paul A Sparrow who invented this new kind of spirit level and also started a very first crowdfunding platform in Britain :

    The Awards & afterparty  were held at Charted Accountants House which is a impressive building in the City of London and also has a great cuisine. The band which played  for us  was led by Roderick Brosse who is also an inventor but  known to the public as quitarrist from the Beatles album “Imagine”. Awards ceremony was held by Kane Kramer, the founder the British Invention Show and inventor of the first Digital Audio Player. Here is a great chat we had with Kane later on

    The slideshow can be seen here which was taken by my mate Inch. Enjoy 🙂

    * The story was first published at my  INVENTION NEWS  channel a couple of weeks ago.

  • Britain attracts inventors for so many reasons

    Posted on November 17th, 2016 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Surprise inventor Mr Lin from China with his waterproof socket called SocketKing @BIS

    Why so? I recon because of Britain stands out for its differences, engineering skills and industrial input to the world economy but not just. I do believe there is also something genuine in britts which makes inventing even more possible and that is No fear to be different or a nutter’ as we say 😉 So, if you are british and you think that car can run on 3 wheels only – you can just do it and that is acceptable by the society. Not to mention their inch, foot and pint. By other words in Britain You can be different just like Mr. Bean and that is absolutely norm.

    The British Invention Show 2016  was held at Barbican Exhibition Centre, London from 19-22nd October. This years show was smaller but still gathered over 50 inventors from 8 countries around the World. The Silver, Gold and Platinum awards where given in many categories to thank inventors for their hard work. The main trophy went to Croatian team for their age recognition system for internet users. You can read more about the show at the British Inventor’s Society homepage or visit . Also you can watch interviews at the BIS Vimeo Channel and see photos at Invention News Facebook gallery. The British Invention Show was founded by Mr. Kane Kramer, inventor of the Digital Audio Player, back in 2000 and is run  by the British Inventor’s Society every Autumn.

    * As I have been inspired by Britts once again, I will start Estonian Invention Show soon. Dates to be confirmed but talks with partners have already started. If you would like to support or join in then please let me know via eMail : , Cheers !

  • Creator Stamp can turn a new page in IP filing history

    Posted on February 5th, 2016 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments


    Just imagine filing your Intellectual Property rights from your desktop, tab or mobile device in few minutes. How much easier would that make a life of all creative people? Honestly, miles and days! Well, this is not just a dream any more but about to happen as a company called Creator Stamp  will launch its low cost web app soon .

    Yes, It has been a while since none dare not to touch this holy old cow’ till last autumn when Rio based estonian designer & photographer Martin Lazarev had enough of this old system and came up with a new alternative concept of  “Inventors Proof Signature”Being very much in a need of such solution himself almost every single day he just invented  more convinient way for saving up his creative works.

    Martin contacted me soon after to ask my advice on his cracking idea and if I would join with him. As I already had been thinking of release my new web app on something similar I understood immediately that we are on the same road. So I took a little time to think about it and replied to him; “Lets do it, but with a twist or broader approach to all creators like copywrighters, musicians, scientists, architects, artists and all the others who are also in need of something like this before they even talk to their workmates or investors or publish their works!” And so we started the company from this sparkle in Autumn 2015.

    The method of  “Creator Stamp” has been filed also as an old school’ patent but through this something new will emerge very soon. Actually, it would not replace the old complicated and rather expensive patent system but will give an alternative way to file your IP and also to prove it in disputes if needed, using your ID card or e-residency via encrypted server or Blockchain technology. There are some companies out there who do file saving on blockchain already, but as far we know, nobody has done it via state proved e-residency or ID card system yet and Creator Stamp is just about to do that.

    In order to get a top-notch service we are working closely with governmental institutions, e-Residency Team, Patent Office and with one of the best web developing companies in Estonia.


    * Update 31st March 2016 : The Creator Stamp project has been called off  because of too expensive development and server costs. Alternative service is available via 

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  • My Story

    Posted on February 23rd, 2014 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Yeah, it will be 5 years soon from the day I launched my homepage while I was living with my lovely wife & daughter Charlotte in the UK. It all happened in a rocky seaside town called Torquay which is the heart of the English Riviera , well known by its history and nightlife. Honestly this place is full of legends from the past like Charles Darwin, Agatha Christie, Isaac Singer, I.K. Brunel, Thomas Newcomen and many others. I must admit it is the most inspirational place on the planet Earth I ever lived in my entire life.

    As many of yours, so did my parents divorce which I found hard to overcome. But life went on & so did I. After passing Oisu Primary School with flying colours I graduated Kuusalu High School in 1992 and then Tallinn Medical College in 1996 as Military Assistant Doctor. I practised in various hospitals & military field for few years before I left for the UK where I lived 12 wonderful years in total. Now, England really got me as I experienced & learned a lot in those years. I learned how to play tennis & golf, I studied sports medicine, I worked, I got married & we made a business. Also I was a keen member of local poetry club & writers club at St.Marychurch Torquay. After graduating as a Sports-Massage Therapist at South Devon College in 2001, I had a luck to work with some of the finest sportsman in the World. My massage clients included 4 World champions & 2 Olympic gold medalists. But that wasn’t my final call as yet as you might of thought …

    Read the rest of this entry »

  • Estinve$ was born finally this morning

    Posted on October 27th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Work in process ..

     Yesss !!! It is Sunday and the very first Winter day, but what can You do if You just happen to wake up 5 a clock in the morning and the idea strokes your mind ??  Well, there are two options I suppose: First – You pertend like nothing has happened and You will try to get back to sleep OR You’ll wake up & JUST DO IT ! As traditional, I have chosen the last one and the result is here for You – A Brand new investment site for Angel investors, entrepreneurs & inventors – Estinve$  🙂

    There is no proper logo yet or all those wistles and bells, but it does the job. So, Go and have a look & please get back to me with Your proposals !

    * I hope it does give an option also for poor inventors to improve their chances  for commercialization of their inventions ..

  • Science Centre AHHAA can entertain You all day long !

    Posted on October 26th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    The rest is your imagination …

    If you are inventor or would like to be the one, then you really should visit the Science Centre AHHAA in the City of Tartu ! It is kind of A&B in physics, technology & medicine which explains simply how things work. It also leaves some caps for your imagination how things could be if YOU decide to invent something 😉

    There are many attractions at Ahhaa centre which can buzz your mind so that you are amaized how easy it is actually to confuze your brain and knock out your sense of balance. I must admit I was buzzed till the end of the day when I first visited Ahhaa Centre about a couple of weeks ago with our latvian inventor-friends. Now being there for the second time last Thursday I am still  buzzed by some of those tricks and by the fact that something wonderful like this has been created here in Estonia !

    Well done guys !! It is the perfect day out for a family or anyone who is interested in technology, medicine or physics.  

    Want to know more just Go : 

  • Finnish Week of Innovations is growing well every year

    Posted on September 28th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Inventor Karmo Kaaristo is explaining to the news channel how his pneumo engine – Pneumobil works  ..

    The 7th annual Week of Innovations which was held at Viitasaari  from 19-21st september gathered more inventors and visitors  this time around. Luckily it was held nearly 2 months earlier than last years event, so we even could jump into the beautyful lake by the hotel sauna …

    As times are hard and recession continues we surely need more innovative solutions and inventions to improve our technologies and to save money. Surely, the trend is to produce more stuff with a less energy and manpower. How to do this? That is the question. But not for those who are on it every single day – they just do it !  Therefore it is always pleasure to see what good neighbours have done and to show off our new solutions & toys’ as well.

    So, how was the show and what sort of inventions we saw this time? Well , the show was great & inspirational as always and those who didn’t come missed all fun ! Veijo Vaakanainen from Finnish Inventors National Federation – Kekery  has just released the Video footage about the show on his Youtube channel.

    This time we had inventors also from Poland & Hungary although our Swedish friends from couldnt make it. Hopefully next year …  But the good news is that Estonian team had grown from 4 to 10 members and so we had even our own little street ! Inventors  and their inventions of this street were next :  Aavo Murutalu – A simple method of taking 3D photos with any camera , Indrek HallikmäeTiretower , Enno Sinipalufilament , Hando Kruuv  with his unique Pendulum , Karmo Kaaristo – Pneumobile ,  Kalle Köömnemägi presenting Meiren OÜ snow blows , our high-end designer Leonardo Meigas with his unique chair and myself with the  IdeaGuru – which is the cellphone application for would be inventors & entrepreneurs Worldwide  / Out soon !

    My personal favourite  invention this year was the Airplane-Sauna called Flying Pig’ invented by finnishman P. Penttilä which i found very entertaining & also refreshing experience as the sauna was on !!  🙂





    * For more photos & comments please visit my Facebook Gallery.  


  • Finnish invention news magazine “KeksintöUutiset” will be released for Estonian readers on 7th June 2013.

    Posted on June 1st, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    First I must praise finns for presenting our inventors at the international stage. Secondly, I am cross and also rather sad that Estonia who is claiming to be a innovative country has not managed to write the word “inventor” into its economical growth strategy for years 2014-2020. It is hard to imagine how one could raise its level of innovation & growth without inventors. Therefore I will continue my work with our good neighbours & I will present their invention magazine for Estonian public soon :

    * The official homepages for our associations are : &