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  • The essence of IP in modern economy

    Posted on May 13th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Well, this is something that one could write about in his Ph.D graduation work , I suppose …  As I never graduated any universities, I just take it as  my homework  :)  But don’t you worry – I would not go for a long as I like to crack this nut real’ fast 4 you !

    Yes, you can go through various figures and long line of numbers to explain the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) for economical growth. The WIPO Director Kamil Idris has  done so 10 years ago giving a rather good explanation in his brief report.

    © US Patent Office

    I will cut this short for you:  Nearly all of the top 10 companies in this World are coming from the US. The major value is not in their factories or warehouses but in their IP portfolios. Actually IP makes around 80% of their total market value. Furthermore, in 2003 US had 4700 staff members working for its Patent offices with the total budget of $863 M and these numbers have been growing since. The trend shows very well how modern economy  stands on IP rights in developed World. For example the giant Microsoft has more than 31 000 patents on his name ! If  you ask why – the answer is simple: To hold  the lead. Yes, there are way too many patent trolls‘ & lawsuits about, but that’s the World for us today – If one does well – the others are about ! So if your patent is strong enough you are likely to meet the big corporation at the court ! And if you happen to win, only then you will be a millionaire…  Surely there is no easy way out for the private inventor. First you got to invent and then you GOT TO protect all your IP rights really well to be able to go anywhere. Would that change for us in the near future – it’s hard to tell … 












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  • Finnish Inventors Week 2012 was held at Viitasaari

    Posted on November 12th, 2012 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    I think that innovation without invention is like a car without engine. In order to get new brands and businesses going we need new inventions and services with cutting edge. To get those we surely need inventors. Developed countries do understand the value of intellectual property rights (IPR) and the power of invention much better than those behind. Therefore they also look after their technically gifted people and help them to materialize their dreams. Finland seems to be one of those countries who is taking care of their inventors in order to improve the quality of life and to raise its prosperity for further generations.

    From the right: Raino Sinisalu, Rein Koch, Hando Kruuv, FIW project manager Jussi Hytönen & me.

    Finnish Inventors Week gathered more than 40 inventors with over 60 inventions at  Viitasaari, South-west Finland from 8-10th November. Estonian Team was presented with 4 inventions: Berry Picking Machine by Hando Kruuv, Radon Filter by Rein Koch & Alar Jantsikene, Chord Viola by Gabriel Passov & Raybike by Raino Sinisalu. There was a great interest about Raybike and Handos berry picking machine. Last one even made it to the national countryside newspaper, but the rest was also checked up by various journalists and is likely to make some headlines in a local paper and Finnish inventors Magazine.  Raybike, which is still looking for the investor was kids favorite for sure :) alongside with the little camera-helicopter shows, constructed by finnish photographer Jari Tuukkanen . There were also many other groovy and useful inventions presented by private inventors & various companies. Photos of the show are uploaded at my Facebook page & Video is here Finnish inventors Week 2012 was supported by Viitasaari Town  and  Witas OY. The next show will be held in a year and is expected to grow much lager.

    Unfortunately we had no support from any of our state institutions and that perhaps shows the attitude towards to independent inventors and their association in Estonia overall. Despite low numbers our best inventions of all times have come & will continue to pop up from private sector indeed.  What are these inventions  then? You can see as soon you ll check up my  TOP10  page : o)

    Finally  - The Special Thanx goes to Viitasaari town council , Witas OY & everybody else who has supported me & my fellow inventors !!