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  • Estonian Invention Show 2018 had a successful launch

    Posted on October 16th, 2018 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments


    This was the first time when such a western show concept was introduced to Estonia. We had real inventors presenting their real inventions to the public and telling their stories at the stage. We also had guest speakers : EU Patent attorney Margus Sarap and FINF director and IPR expert Maunu Korpela from Finland.

    Gold medals were presented in 10 different categories and Public Award was given to inventor Jason Munro from England.



     Gold medals were given in 10 Categories :

    1. ENVIRONMENT –  Hydrogen cell for combust engines – Ecomotus Ltd / UK – Jason Munro

    2. CATASTROPHE –  Impulse Fire Extinguisher – Pulstech OÜ  – Allan Ventsel, Kalle Köömnemägi, Ardo Pärna and prof. Vladimir Zakhmatov

    3. MEDICAL – Microgenerator EHF – Valeri Aljas

    4. HOUSEHOLD – Fish Scaler – Hando Kruuv

    5. MUSIC – Chord Viola – Gabriel Passov

    6. LEISURE – Cumulus boat – Kalev Essenson

    7. CREATIVE DESIGN – Pearl Embroidery – Siret Esko

    8. BEST MATERIAL – Carbon Composites – Erismet OÜ – Ben Einborn and Rinaldo Olberg

    9. WORK WITH THE NEXT GENERATION  – National Contest for Young Inventors – Estonian Research Council – Margit Lehis

    10. CREATIVE SOLUTION  –  Arcallia – Kalle Köömnemägi and Veiko Huuse

    There were many more inventions presented at the show with working prototypes like magnetic motor by Raivo Pennaste and Anni Vahter, Biofor by Valeri Aljas, and a vertical windmill with recycled airplane wings by Ardo Pärna. Still, It is not so easy to engage public and media for a such a show. As we know 2-3% inventions can be commercially viable only. Therefore a startup or the tech show can attract more people as many things are working by then already. Regarding to invention, prototype is a very early and raw stage and needs to be tested many more times before the viable product can be made. Still, it is a great chance to meet inventors who are the original source of novelty. If we encourage those people and inspire public then society becomes more inventive and entrepreneurial and that will improve our technology and economy overall.

    Estonian Invention Show 2018 was supported by entrepreneur Veiko Huuse and  Arcallia which is a great platform for all inventors. To learn more about it please go to their homepage :  I hope that Estonian state and the City Council of Tallinn can support the show one day as well.

    Here is my interview with FINF executive director Maunu Korpela : “Private inventors vs companies”

    The second one is with Gold medalists and Public Award winners Jason Munro and Indrek Hallikmäe from Ecomotus Ltd. /

    * The story was written and interviews taken by Leo Siemann.

  • Viitasaari Invention Show has inspired me once again!

    Posted on October 20th, 2014 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Inventor Hando Kruuv is setting up his Pendulum @Viitasaari arena night before the show …

    Inspiration is the keyword for any creative person on the planet Earth. But where to get it from ??? Surely Viitasaari Innovation & Technology show is one of those places where you can get inspired. Yes it is a little town in the middle of Finland where Winter is longer than Summer, but so what? It is all about people and it is about YOU having a chance to get inspired to see many inventors together, showing off their works. So it happened this year also as nearly 50 inventors gathered at Viitasaari Arena to inspire visitors and each other for 2 days ! Surely it is incourageing to see other out of box people’ doing their groovy stuff as it was a norm, but actually it is the progress in most cases what leads our World on and on.

    Team Estonia was at Viitasaari for the 3rd time, presenting: Chop-e  the electric minibike, well designed and assembled by estonians. Ropeye – the revolutionary technology for sailing boats to attach mastbase blocks, spinnaker sheet turning blocks, halyard terminals, footblocks and tie-downs. *Ropeye has already broken through to the Sailing World. The Greenfinger – Norwegian made indicator to alarm you about the need of watering your houseplants and  Hando Kruuv with his Pendulum from Tartu. Although we had much smaller team than last year, still there was fine estonian engineering and design on board.

    Maunu Korpela the executive director of is checking out the Chop-e

    & here is your humble reporter on the top of the 8th invention Show @ Viitasaari : )

    We had many inspireing inventors and inventions at the show but my special attention was at the oldest one of them – Hando Kruuv & his magic pendulum in vacuum chamber. The old master in age of 77 has come up with a something amusing & useful indeed which he calls: “The device for the measurement of internal and external forces to the Planet Earth”.   Well, I just call it  “Hando Kruuv Pendulum”  On his first public interview he mentioned that mankind has gone up to the space to observe other galaxies but not taking enough interest what is within the planet Earth and what really can influence our life. There are internal & external forces of the planet, which do affect the balance and can cause the earthquakes and various troubles. There is also the Moon and other planets nearby which do influence the Earth constantly. Hando also mentioned the end of calendar of Mayas and the fact that he has registered some unknown forces to our planet at the time. Well, it all can make our scientists furious, but surely they got to prove it now if Hando is wright or wrong. As long they have no such equipment invented themselves to measure those forces, it is likely to take a decade or more before they can say anything certain about it …

    Reception by the Mayor Janne Kinnunen @Viitasaari Town Council on  Friday, 10th October.

    Acknowledging the work of inventors, Viitasaari Town Council and Mayor invited all exhibitors to the reception & dinner at the town hall on Friday night. Surely it is the class on its own, showing the respect to those who can improve our everyday life and beyond.

    My Photos of the show can be seen at Invention News FB page 

    * Newstory and Videos were also made by the local TV channel – Nopolanews 🙂

  • Ellivuori event had its fun & shine

    Posted on March 26th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Inventor Veijo Vaakanainen & his very first camera-phone ever made back in 1999 …

    The first inventionshow of the year 2013 was held at Ellivuori Ski & Holiday Resort in Finland from 21-24 March. As finns have noticed the importance of inventions for the economy, they are investing to events like this at international level. It is no surprise to see estonians, swedes, russians and other folkes at these exhibitions. Ellivuori, which is a small, but nice resort not far from Nokia, has its shine & comfort to treat you in the way you expect. And we experienced just that going to skiing & sauna & also having a great food  : )

    Back to the show I must admit it was well organized. More than 40 inventors presented their inventions & prototypes. Also well prepared seminars where held about IPR matters by Maunu Korpela from the  Finnish Inventors AssociationThe show  attracted tech companies and business angels as usual. We also had inspirational talks by those inventors who have succeeded already – Raimo Flink, Esko Nyberg & Marko Aaltonen. But inventors Samuli Penttinen and Tomi Köhler told their stories how do they live their every- day life.  Surely, you would like to know more about those exciting inventions, which were presented in Finland at this time. Just to give you a little taster to make sure you will make it in Autumn I will mention a couple of inventions to you only: Nexamen for Bluetooth marketing and Lightway flying vehicle 🙂 Got a bit more excited ? If so, then make a note in your calendar for the Week of Innovations at Viitasaari from  19-21 September 2013. For updates just follow my stream.