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  • The 1st Tartu Mini Maker Faire was a Hit !

    Posted on September 29th, 2014 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Who could of thought that instead of 50 makers we have 150 in the house! That’s what happened in Tartu last Friday, where all sorts of tech enthusiasts , design gurus & arty people gathered for the first  Mini Maker Faire  at Ahhaa Science Centre to show what they have got ! It was a bit lauzy start at 10am but full beam by 12 noon with the mainstream media and tabloids making their interviews & stories. As part of the team I also prepared for this since last spring asking many inventors to join the faire and so they did 🙂

    Tartu Maker Faire 2014 on full beam …

    After opening words by Andres Juur  Ahhaa project manager the show was on with workshops and intros at the main stage. We had many new inventors & makers on the board but also well known ones like and Timber Diameter + we had guest makers from Latvia, Sweden, Russia and even from USA. The latvian inventor Rims Vaitkus had brought his Wave Machine to the show and Rudolfs Drevinskis made incredible bird nests from the birchtree logs. Then we had our very own taylormade bike-masters :  Riho Leppik with his RixBikes , Raino Sinisalu & his unique Raybike and also hobby-inventor Allan Rosenberg with his electric  Chop-e  which got the eye of many visitors by its groovy design. Then we had the old master Gabriel Passov playing his Chord Viola at the stage with his band KAGB and Dr. Arved Vain checking out the muscles with his clever Myoton. There was also Kalev Essenson showing off his boat Cumulus , Aavo Murutalu taking photos with his 3D photoshop,  and Tartu Da Vinci Hando Kruuv introducing his brand-new Pendulum in Vacuum Chamber for the first time in publicFrom the arty ones got my eye Grafodroom girls & Ott Pilipenko, who had combined Skating board with the T-shirt printing facility …

    It surely was a superb place for all ages to discover the latest inventions & designs by  inventors , craftsman, robot-makers, engineers, science clubs and other free thinkers, who had come to show & sell their works. We had even Science Theatre at the place introducing the laws & tricks of physics. The peoples favourite maker or the winner of 2014 Tartu MMF was the game called “Kolm Elu”.  News story was made by the Postimees and photos were taken by Äripäev. TV interviews were collected by ERR  and by the brandnew channel 8  “Leiundusuudised”

    Tartu Mini Maker Faire as part of the Estonian Researchers’ Night Festival  gathered the makers from the Baltic States for the first time around. By the looks of it we might need a bit bigger house next year  😉

  • Potholes of IP’ need a Good fix in Estonia !

    Posted on March 30th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Ain’t no secret that our national patent numbers are many times lower per capita compared to developed countries. Most obvious reason for that is perhaps our post-communist backround, whish is still somehow holding us back to the tradition that all is common. Yes, it is pretty much the same in all over Eastern-Europe. Our situation just seems to be even more awkward as the number of startups over here is one of the highest ! Unyet, we do not have a decent Intellectual Property law or any IP strategy for coming years  + we are missing the structure to support a small but active number of inventors in our country. So, the reality is this :  if an independent inventor is doing well, he or she is almost forced to leave the country as the support he gets here is next to nothing ! For that reason I AM IN & working for my fellow inventors to get those “potholes of IP” fixed, so at least the next generation could have the legacy.

    Our little team standing at the Houses of Parliament last Wednesday: Leo, Raino, Kalle & Aavo : )

    We, as the Estonian Inventors Association , were honoured to be invited by Social Democrats to the Houses of Parliament’ last Wednesday. Our discussion was constructive and hopefully things can move on from this point. As the Ministry of Justice is  currently working on the new IP law, we got to keep our breath till the end of the year in good hope that those essential needs of our  inventors will be considered in between those lines. Unfortunately our Association, which is old as the Republic of Estonia, is not invited to take part of those discussions although we present around 25% of our national patents /pa. This kind of situation is non acceptable and therefore I will personally make sure that once this law gets to the Houses of Parilament’ – we have our say.

    It seems that two biggest shortcomings in Estonia are the lack of communications & ignorance, which is actually holding us back from the real progress.

  • Finnish Inventors Week 2012 was held at Viitasaari

    Posted on November 12th, 2012 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    I think that innovation without invention is like a car without engine. In order to get new brands and businesses going we need new inventions and services with cutting edge. To get those we surely need inventors. Developed countries do understand the value of intellectual property rights (IPR) and the power of invention much better than those behind. Therefore they also look after their technically gifted people and help them to materialize their dreams. Finland seems to be one of those countries who is taking care of their inventors in order to improve the quality of life and to raise its prosperity for further generations.

    From the right: Raino Sinisalu, Rein Koch, Hando Kruuv, FIW project manager Jussi Hytönen & me.

    Finnish Inventors Week gathered more than 40 inventors with over 60 inventions at  Viitasaari, South-west Finland from 8-10th November. Estonian Team was presented with 4 inventions: Berry Picking Machine by Hando Kruuv, Radon Filter by Rein Koch & Alar Jantsikene, Chord Viola by Gabriel Passov & Raybike by Raino Sinisalu. There was a great interest about Raybike and Handos berry picking machine. Last one even made it to the national countryside newspaper, but the rest was also checked up by various journalists and is likely to make some headlines in a local paper and Finnish inventors Magazine.  Raybike, which is still looking for the investor was kids favorite for sure 🙂 alongside with the little camera-helicopter shows, constructed by finnish photographer Jari Tuukkanen . There were also many other groovy and useful inventions presented by private inventors & various companies. Photos of the show are uploaded at my Facebook page & Video is here Finnish inventors Week 2012 was supported by Viitasaari Town  and  Witas OY. The next show will be held in a year and is expected to grow much lager.

    Unfortunately we had no support from any of our state institutions and that perhaps shows the attitude towards to independent inventors and their association in Estonia overall. Despite low numbers our best inventions of all times have come & will continue to pop up from private sector indeed.  What are these inventions  then? You can see as soon you ll check up my  TOP10  page : o)

    Finally  – The Special Thanx goes to Viitasaari town council , Witas OY & everybody else who has supported me & my fellow inventors !!

  • Raybike is looking for an investor to move on to the World markets.

    Posted on November 5th, 2012 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    The winner of most brainy competition in Estonia “Ajujaht 2012” – Raybike  is up and ready to cruiZe the World.  Raino Sinisalu the inventor of Raybike is well positive about the future of his “Wunderkid” and has no hesitation that he can make it to the big screen”. Perhaps it even could be the “new toy” for Mr. James Bond in his next film  … ;o)

    Now, if you think you might be the investor who can take Raybike to the World please make the contact to the company soon: . The next big show to see Raybike presented and to have a ride is Inventors Week in Finland, which will take place at Viitasaari from 8-10th November 2012.