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  • Robotex attracts the finest robot builders in Baltic region

    Posted on November 24th, 2012 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    As time goes on more & more machines are expected to do our job on daily basis. They already know how to wash your laundry & dishes, cook your food, hoover your carpets & cut your lawn . Obviously this is not enough for modern people as the hunger for lauzy life is constant , So the revolution goes on and on …

    Another sector is the military one which requires bomb robots and trones to spy on enemy. As Robotex included a little tech show as well this year all those gadgets were out there to see & touch for visitors.

    Please press CC for english subtitles.

    Robotex has a lot of activities for young people as well to help them to get more engaged with technologies. The iTcollege & TUT Technology School presented what they have done and what they are good for :P  More & more high-tech companies are intrested to be at the show each year. You could see companies like ESTCube , ELI , MeirenMetec  & ICD  presenting their latest solutions. There was also FS Team Tallinn out with their latest formula and also some gaming companies. The main feel of the show was smart & casual which made it also as good day out for families. As for myself I appreciated the panel with engineers & entrepreneurs which took place Saturday afternoon. So there was something for everyone & the entry was absolutely free !!






    To check out the show of 2012 please go: