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  • Top 100 Estonian Brands homepage has been launched

    Posted on May 13th, 2016 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    European Champs , EGCC  ©

    Looking at our dropping export figures I have decided to do something about it which could help us to become more visible out there. So other folks know also who are we and what we estonians can do the best.  Now, the question is: How to measure the coolest and most valuable brands what we have? I recon there are 3 major criterias only: 1.Popularity of the brand  2.Total net profit & 3.Innovativity, which gives a potential rise. Surely, it is about money but not always, because there are also charity brands which are not about money but goodwill & deeds for other people. Brands can be different. Some make company brands, some make personal brands like artists and sportsman and some make state brands like the British Royal family, which is valued more than £86BN today. All in all the branding is important marketing tool for any company. It is all about the imago and its likability for as wide audience as possible. Lets take this well known fruit’ company as a sample, I mean the Apple  : ) How on earth they made it?  Actually it takes so much effort from the sparkling idea to product design to marketing, but all it starts usually from one person. In this case we all know it was Steve Jobs. Yes, he was eccentric but also a novel character who was willing to work hard to fulfill his vision for the better PC which I got it on my desk now.. R.I.P. Steve! Therefore I have started recently our very own Top 100 Estonian Brands to show to the World what we are good at and why is it cool to visit Estonia and to make business with us :)  Yeah, this some 1,3M nation by the Baltic Sea is mainly known by its pretty girls, but it also has managed to create many wonderful brands from which some have become World famous like  Paiste , Estonia Piano, Minox, TransferWise  and  Skype.

    To find out more go :  Estonia100 .com

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  • What is your Dream ?

    Posted on January 4th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments


    Photo by dtail on Facebook

    Happy New Year folkes !

    The beginning of the year is always good time to see what people have promised to themselves & to the others.

    Most of us who would like to achieve anything have experienced critisizm and even bulling in some stage of their lives. So have I. Interesting thing is that most commonly its coming from your close ones – friends & family… But somehow this all can make you stronger to break the ice & succeed finally.

    I have noticed a little picture by dtail on Facebook about some people who have been just like that ! I hope this can encourage you to dream on and work on to achieve what you have been called for.

    This is your chance – make the most of it  &  never ever give up your dream  !!