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  • Estonian Invention Show 2019 did happen

    Posted on November 23rd, 2019 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    It was for the second time around when we had the invention show by western standards in Estonia. About 20 inventors from Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Cyprus and Estonia were gathering at Öpik House, Ülemiste City in Tallinn from 14-15th November. The location was better than last year, situated at a public hallway of the building and opened to visitors for free 🙂

    The purpose of the show is to inspire would be inventors and to recognize those who have done good works already. It is a great place to promote your invention or product.

    Memorial medals were given to all who participated and helped out with the show. Golden medals where given to 8 inventors and 2 organisations who are supporting sole inventors. Medal winners are : Elmar Laarmann (EST) , Heikki Helminen (FIN), Janis Dumpis (LV), Siret Esko (EST), Pauli Pieti (FIN), Tapio Ruosteinen (FIN), Kalle Köömnemägi (EST), Pauli Lagerstedt (FIN) and Margit Lehis (EST). On the top of that 3 carbon fibre trophies made by were presented to private companies. Ceriffi OY from Finland was awarded for being the most inventor friendly company, Home of Cool for the coolest design product and Fricter won the public award which was voted by all who visited the show. 

    The main support for the show came from Finnish companies and Finnish Inventors National Federation lead by Maunu Korpela and Petri Peltonen. Estonian side was poorly to support the show. I did ask money from the Ministry of Economics who guided me to the Estonian Research Council. Same body who supports the student inventors annual exhibition . They denied my request. As inventor my understanding is that Estonian state do not care much about its sole inventors neither understands the meaning of invention as such properly. Yes you can argue with that but the bottom line is that many sole inventors have left the country with their great inventions and state is loosing out.  It has happened in the past with inventions like  Minox,  Skype, T5  and many others. I can see this trend continuing and there is no stop before supporting measures and grants will be awarded at the state level to make inventors stay and work for Estonia with a pride.

    Looking into the reports by OECD, European Commission and IMF  in 2017 /18 , innovation and its export from Estonia has not improved despite the money has been spent by its government. In other words a lot of it has been waisted to improve our R&D. As far I understand there is nothing to innovate without inventions. There would be no watch on your wrist, no computer at your desk, no fridge in kitchen, no TV in your lounge or no car at your courtyard . In fact we would still jump around the fire and munch a meat from the bones if lucky …

    So, as the support for EIS 2019 has been poorly I will take a gap year and continue with the show only when I get a proper support by Estonian state and tech companies.

    The photo gallery of the show can be found from the  Invention News  Facebook page.

    Finally I would like to thank all of you who have contributed to the  Estonian Invention Show  and who are supporting inventors! Together we can make this World a better place 🙂 

    Leo Siemann , inventor & the founder of EIS


  • Mate Rimac – from inventor to the Startup company

    Posted on June 11th, 2015 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Inventors and startuppers are almost two different kind of people, well at least by their mindsets. In one hand so close, unyet so different in their attitude from which end to start fulfilling their dreams. But surely both are big Dreamers, persistant and hardcore achievers. Still there will be one in a million from those who can do perfectly both – invent and then commercialize their ideas. Here is the story of 5 times Guinness recordholder Mate Rimac who is doing something impossible: Making a supercar company out of Balkans and not just:

    As for me, this is a prime sample of how different could be a startupper from inventor. One inventing to fix the World and the other making business out of it. How about you? Whatever is the answer, you still have to team up with many good people to scale your business and to make your dream wild out there. Good Luck my friend !!

  • CoFounder – The First pan-European Startup Magazine

    Posted on April 23rd, 2015 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Tarmo Virki & me @Garage 48

    As Europe is seeing its first massive startup boom I spoke to the man who keeps his close eye on latest developments in this sector – Tarmo Virki. Being a journalist of past 20 years at outlets like Reuters & Forbes, his focus has turned on to startups. Last summer he and a few other co-founders decided the booming sector was mature enough to face real, old-school journalism.

    They decided to try to do something crazy, something really old school – a print magazine at the time of the digital revolution. “The idea was so crazy, we just had to go ahead and try this,” says Virki, for who one of the early positive signs was the energy youngsters from Arctic Startup, largest startup blog in Scandinavia, were willing to put into developing a print publication. There are reasons for this — niche print magazines which have their audience have done well despite the scrutiny from online publishing. It might be because of the experience – browsing the iPad isn’t just quite comparable with the fine touch and smell of the gloss paper and the way we browse magazines in trains and hotel lobbies …

    * This interview has been brought to you by on Vimeo.

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  • Remarkable construction of the engine by Georgi Vassiljev

    Posted on March 4th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    We know how electric cars were turned down in America in 1930s. We also know the reason why –  because of the boom in oil industry. As fossil energy is running out now We need more eco-engines and way more alternative energy to run our motobikes, cars & boats. But how to achieve that? Some have made it  already, but still a lot more progress needs to be done !

    Retired engineer Georgi Vassiljev from Tallinn has come up with the solution, which is so simple, fast & small that can well beat the existing 4-stroke engines by its power and also by the production cost ! From Today Georgi is searching for a manufacturing company, which could produce his engine in good quality and quantity. Therefore I have come to help Georgi to find this company and I have published a part of his patent (PCT) first, to get the attention of top-notch manufacturer. If you seize it as your opportunity for the further innovation and possible lead on the market, please contact to me very soon by email:

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  • Garage48 is ON again !

    Posted on February 27th, 2011 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Estonian  Startup Bootcamp is happening at Tallinn University now. Camp started on Friday and will climax by 8ish tonight. Video-stream from Garage48 Public Service Demo event will begin @ 6.00 PM (GMT+2).  The short review with 11 presented ideas is available here :

    Next event will take place from 25th – 27th of  March in Latvia – Garage48 Riga >> Sign-up now !

  • “Ahhaa” can thrill you well !

    Posted on October 27th, 2009 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    As I walked in Freedom Square , Tallinn few days ago I noticed quite few things have changed since my last visit in August 2008.  There is a brandnew Monument standing on the hillside and very modern steps lead to tunnel with  parking facilities underneath. On my way to tunnel I saw that contemporary science centre “Ahhaa” had opened its new exhibition.  I must admit it´s in a great location and it has quite exciting things in it !  The centre is a smart place for kids and adults to learn how things work in physics and chemistry. Heureka Science Centre from Finland has brought over its own exhibition as well, which is presented within “Ahhaa”.  It  takes us to the glamorous world of Formula 1. The staff of the centre is very frendly and you can even celebrate your birthday over there with 4D adventure soon !

    Discover much more @