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  • Nelijärve Summercamp is calling’ for inventors

    Posted on August 20th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    If you had enough of digital world and you rather looking for a physical type of start-up then it’s prime time to go to Nelijärve this Thursday & Friday !

    Finnish-Estonian Start-up initiative StartSmart is calling up for a Summercamp for all those who would like to know more and get going with their physical type of solutions or with their inventions ! I have heard that the busload of finns are on their way already ! :) So if you too got an idea like this in your mind or prototype at your workshop then perhaps it is the right time to come out, introduce your idea and team up with people who also get passionate about it ! Obviously, it is sensible to think first how to protect your IPR -Intellectual Property Rights before you make any sort of publications. Therefore I have given up myself  this time to talk to start-ups about the importance of IPR in their portfolio. Still, the main part of my talk will be about the best Estonian made inventions of all times. So, Do Not miss it folkes as my TOP 10 has improved and I will tell you quite a few stories behind those groovy inventions. The official version of my Top 10 will be published at our main tech magazine Inseneeria in September. Seeyou at “Four Lakes” then – as we call this awesome place !!

  • Top 10 has been updated about Skype inventors.

    Posted on February 25th, 2011 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Just to let you know that I have updated my Top 10 invention page recently. As I’ve been asked  about our Nr 1 – Skype for  many times ,  I did clarify the case with more information about  its  inventors and founders. Clearly, the media has not got it right many times as there seems to be misunderstanding between those two words : Inventor and Founder.  Therefore I have added the link to EU Patent office, where very first family of  Skype applications can be found. Credit and many thanks to Mikk from IPEstonia !   Notice the box about its inventors, which should keep it pretty straight forward to understand who actually are Skype inventors.

    Also I  have changed the order of  inventions on the list what we Estonians have contributed to the World so far. If you have any suggestions , please contact me via e-mail. Thank You !