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  • New Immigration Standard

    Posted on June 26th, 2016 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Immigration – the keyword of Brexit

    Most certainly immigration is the keyword for Europe today. In order to tackle this mess which is caused by economical, religious and military reasons I recon we have to set the New Immigration Standard.

    Obviously it is complicated yet simple solution for many countries to protect their people and national values. Perhaps it could be applied not just for Europe but also worldwide .

    I am estonian / european who has been living in the UK since 1997. I did voluntary work my first 2 years, then studied at local college and worked here most of my time. Never claimed benefits and always paid my taxes.  I do understand the reasons why so many people voted to Leave the EU here. Now, after Brexit I feel for locals even more as it has divided brits with just 1,9% vote difference  in between them.

    The New immigration  Standard should be set in order to protect any country and its habitants from non-assimilating migrants. Therefore I recommend to make it compulsory to fulfill the form on country’s border by anyone who wants to enter as a asylum seeker or likes to become a resident in any other way. Boxes to be ticked are next:

    1. I promise to learn and speak local language as soon I can.

    2. I will accept local culture, religion and ways of living.

    3. I dress up in the similar way as locals do

    4. I will find myself a job or start a business.

    5. I do not proceed on any kind of racism or haterage in society.

    6. I will respect this country’s law and my neighbours.

    7. If I do not obey by these rules I will move back to my country of orign.

    * These are  7 simple rules which we could apply to avoid a lot more problems in the future. So, religious or other kind of  invaders must respect the country’s habitants, their law & culture, learn their language and work as normal.

    © Leo Siemann 2016  * First published here on Sunday, 26th June at 9am GMT