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  • Myoton is a helpful device for muscle diagnostics

    Posted on August 30th, 2016 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    MyotonPRO Digital Palpation from Aleko Peipsi on Vimeo.

    MyotonPRO Digital Palpation Device is a unique, reliable and accurate instrument for objective and non-invasive measurements of superficial skeletal muscles. Moreover it enables to measure not only muscles but also tendons, ligaments, even skin and other soft biological tissues. Therefore Myoton may become a Gold Standard in soft tissue assessment as an everyday diagnostic and monitoring tool in medical practice. The application of Myoton technology provides invaluable information on the condition of muscles in several fields of medicine and sports. Therefore the Myoton opens a whole new field for better understanding  how the Tone, Stiffness or Elasticity are related to muscle health and physical condition. This new set of information allows objectively to assess the  efficacy of different interventions, sports exercise, symmetry, injuries or aging. Potentially it could help to detect muscle disease at an early stage, so that a more effective medical treatment can be provided.

    * The very first Myoton was invented by Dr. Arved Vain at University of Tartu in 1976. The latest version of MyotonPRO is a complex work by Myoton AS team, lead by CEO Aleko Peipsi.




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  • Inventor’s Guestbook is opened for your entry & reading !

    Posted on December 1st, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    My very first guest to sign in was Dr.Arved Vain, the inventor of Myometer from the University of Tartu.

    This is my Guestbook where any inventor who is known to the public can sign in. It does not really matter where are you from or what is the colour of your skin. As long you have invented something, which has improved our life on planet Earth, You are Welcome to sign IN !  And that means, you can contact to me over Facebook or email and tell me what is your invention about. If it is smart enough, I will edit and publish your story at  “Inventor’s Guestbook” . There are no royalties at this point of time, but you will be granted with the access to my content. Plus, Your benefit is to became the guest of this exclusive book series, which I have just made available via . Simple as that. I will be waiting for your entries then! And for all our readers: The story of  Dr. Arved Vain & his Myometer was signed in today! You can by the access to my e-Book for 2.99eur only via Paypal or credit card payment. *Inventor’s Guestbook is not supported by Internet Explorer, but it is well supported by my assistant miss Digital 😉

  • ESTCube is the High-Flyer

    Posted on January 24th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    It is only recently when estonians have got a grip with the space science. First it was a muscle diagnostic device Myoton & its parabol flights with German space scientists. Now is time for the ESTCube from the University of Tartu. It is hard to tell what is it exactly what makes it possible for a such a small folk, anyhow it confirms that there is still some great potential for the World class performance in our country. I guess partly because there is a good astrological heritage at Tartu and surely because We are the digital nation. Anyway, it is great to see that this project gathers so many young people from different institutions like Estonian Aviation Academy, Tallinn University of Technology and University of Life Sciences and gives them a great oppotrunity to do something nice & big together :

    ESTCube-1 The Electric Solar Wind Sailing Satellite was introduced to the public at Tallinn TV Tower on Tuesday for the last time before taking off in April 2013.  Photogallery of the high-profile event was put together by Tallinna Postimees.

    For more information please go to their homepage :