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  • Finnish Week of Innovations is growing well every year

    Posted on September 28th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Inventor Karmo Kaaristo is explaining to the news channel how his pneumo engine – Pneumobil works  ..

    The 7th annual Week of Innovations which was held at Viitasaari  from 19-21st september gathered more inventors and visitors  this time around. Luckily it was held nearly 2 months earlier than last years event, so we even could jump into the beautyful lake by the hotel sauna …

    As times are hard and recession continues we surely need more innovative solutions and inventions to improve our technologies and to save money. Surely, the trend is to produce more stuff with a less energy and manpower. How to do this? That is the question. But not for those who are on it every single day – they just do it !  Therefore it is always pleasure to see what good neighbours have done and to show off our new solutions & toys’ as well.

    So, how was the show and what sort of inventions we saw this time? Well , the show was great & inspirational as always and those who didn’t come missed all fun ! Veijo Vaakanainen from Finnish Inventors National Federation – Kekery  has just released the Video footage about the show on his Youtube channel.

    This time we had inventors also from Poland & Hungary although our Swedish friends from couldnt make it. Hopefully next year …  But the good news is that Estonian team had grown from 4 to 10 members and so we had even our own little street ! Inventors  and their inventions of this street were next :  Aavo Murutalu – A simple method of taking 3D photos with any camera , Indrek HallikmäeTiretower , Enno Sinipalufilament , Hando Kruuv  with his unique Pendulum , Karmo Kaaristo – Pneumobile ,  Kalle Köömnemägi presenting Meiren OÜ snow blows , our high-end designer Leonardo Meigas with his unique chair and myself with the  IdeaGuru – which is the cellphone application for would be inventors & entrepreneurs Worldwide  / Out soon !

    My personal favourite  invention this year was the Airplane-Sauna called Flying Pig’ invented by finnishman P. Penttilä which i found very entertaining & also refreshing experience as the sauna was on !!  🙂





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  • Ellivuori event had its fun & shine

    Posted on March 26th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    Inventor Veijo Vaakanainen & his very first camera-phone ever made back in 1999 …

    The first inventionshow of the year 2013 was held at Ellivuori Ski & Holiday Resort in Finland from 21-24 March. As finns have noticed the importance of inventions for the economy, they are investing to events like this at international level. It is no surprise to see estonians, swedes, russians and other folkes at these exhibitions. Ellivuori, which is a small, but nice resort not far from Nokia, has its shine & comfort to treat you in the way you expect. And we experienced just that going to skiing & sauna & also having a great food  : )

    Back to the show I must admit it was well organized. More than 40 inventors presented their inventions & prototypes. Also well prepared seminars where held about IPR matters by Maunu Korpela from the  Finnish Inventors AssociationThe show  attracted tech companies and business angels as usual. We also had inspirational talks by those inventors who have succeeded already – Raimo Flink, Esko Nyberg & Marko Aaltonen. But inventors Samuli Penttinen and Tomi Köhler told their stories how do they live their every- day life.  Surely, you would like to know more about those exciting inventions, which were presented in Finland at this time. Just to give you a little taster to make sure you will make it in Autumn I will mention a couple of inventions to you only: Nexamen for Bluetooth marketing and Lightway flying vehicle 🙂 Got a bit more excited ? If so, then make a note in your calendar for the Week of Innovations at Viitasaari from  19-21 September 2013. For updates just follow my stream.