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    We ask  ourselves often :  ” What is the value of my idea ? “   This is most certainly very important question and not to be ignored !

    If  you happen to talk about your idea to any  media channels such as TV, radio, newspapers or internet  – it is called the Public Disclosure.  It is important to know that in these circumstances YOU ARE  disqualified to apply for  a Patent.  But if  its not  invention or business idea – you are doing fine because you will  set yourelf a record of talking about this issue as the first person !

    Also it is good idea  to make a seach on internet or  to find out  otherwise  if something like this excists already ?

    It is interesting  that if many people think  you have a great idea , it may not be so great after all !  Although it can be useful and well exploited, it may not be  highly profitable.  Quite often those ideas which do not make people excited in the first place  may be ones which make the most !  So , if someone tells you : “You are nuts, its not gonna work !” , watch out ! It may be well worth expanding your thoughts to find the area where it is going to work out indeed !

    Finally, we do not know before we make it real.  So the real value of your idea can be find out only then you try !


    What’s next ?

    Well, next you really have to figure out,   if your  GREAT IDEA  is original enough to be protected and presented.  For that reason you can  make your  first search on internet.  The other options are to use Patent Library services or Patent Office help.  You can also hire yourself  Patent Attorney, who can make  search for you.

    If it is not about invention you still have to find out in what category your idea belongs to. It may be discovery which can’t be protected as IP, but it can be recorded, so that later generations may remember you a bit better !

    It may be method which can be franchised and could well work in business. It may be literature, art or music which needs a Copyright or perhaps it is your trading mark , whish can be protected as  a Trademark. But in case you made  a new design  it can be protected as design patent.

    So,  you really have to find out, what  it is  and  NOT  to make any PUBLIC  DISCLOSURES , such as  announcements in newspapers, TV, radio or Internet before you HAVE  covered  yourself  legally.

    Good luck !


    © Leo Siemann 2015