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  • Your idea – My expertise

    Posted on January 17th, 2013 Mr. Leo Siemann No comments

    After 3 years of voluntary work with independent inventors I have come to recognition that it is time to re-value my presence. So, from now on I have my company & there is a little fee  for my service, but nothing major. Mainly because I could continue what I have been doing so far – consulting people about their ideas & intellectual property rights  (IPR) including prototype making, publications, exhibitions & commercialisation of the invention. There is a lot to learn & share and surely not as easy as it looks.

    Anyways, I do get letters from around the Globe & people ask me all sorts of questions about their inventions. My job is to understand the stage of the idea or invention and also to specify needs, so they can move on to make their dreams come true !

    In that way I am  the Angel of inventors , giving them simple, yet a special advice what to do next.  If you are one of those people with a great idea on your hand – then you can write to me also or even meet me in person!  My email is: . I promise, I will keep your idea confidential.  You even do not have to tell me exactly what is your invention – I can still help you to move on  - Yes, it is possible indeed  :o)

    Happy inventing ! 

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